Earning Your Trust Through Enhanced Risk Management

As a client of Private Investment Management (PIM), you entrust us with a tremendous responsibility- one that we take very seriously, and are expertly equipped to handle with best-in-class oversight and industry-exceeding qualifications. We are privileged to be part of the group qualified to offer PIM. Before being registered as a Portfolio Manager, an Investment Advisor must have extensive experience in advising clients and substantial assets under administration. This is among the highest credentials an investment professional can achieve.

In today's world, we believe that additional support and safety mechanisms are a must to provide you with optimum peace of mind. To that end, we receive critical support in managing your PIM portfolio through:

  • Investment Management Guidelines: these are essential standards for quality and due diligence in every portfolio we manage
  • Investment Policy Statements: these identify and clearly document your investment goals, objectives and constraints
  • Portfolio Implementation & Risk Management Group: oversight responsibilities for every Portfolio Manager and every discretionary account we manage
  • Compliance team: have the responsibility to ensure all government and industry regulations are followed in the management of your portfolio

The qualifications and experience required to over Private Investment Management, combined with the support provided from these four mechanisms, helps keep your portfolio on track. For more detailed information on PIM, click here.