Financial Planning Checklist for Seniors

Nov 13, 2018 |Brendon Boothman
Preserving and growing your wealth means taking advantage of tax, investment and estate planning strategies.  While some strategies are available throughout your lifetime, others are available only after the age of 65.  This checklist discusses financial...
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Volatile Markets and What to Do

Oct 25, 2018 |Brendon Boothman
Given the recent market volatility I thought it may be a good time to look at how an individuals emotional & cognitive biases can get in the way of a good investment strategy. There are several biases at work in our brains every day, most of the time...
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Capital Losses & Tax Loss Selling

Oct 09, 2018 |Brendon Boothman
Sometimes you may realize a capital loss on the sale of your securities or you may own securities in a loss position.  This article summaries the tax rules and opportunities surrounding capital losses that you have realized or may realize in your non-registered...
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Oct 03, 2018 |Brendon Boothman
After more than a year of discussions, negotiators from the U.S and Canada worked through the weekend to arrive at an 11th hour agreement for Canada to join Mexico in an updated NAFTA deal.  The new name of the accord is the United States-Mexico-Canada...
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2018 Year-End Tax Planning

Sep 24, 2018 |Brendon Boothman
As year-end approaches, taking some time to review your financial affairs may yield significant tax savings.  To ensure you leave no stone unturned, we have summarized some common year-end tax planning strategies in this article.
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Keeping the family cottage in the family with insurance

Jul 26, 2018 |Brendon Boothman

When you pass along your cottage, you are also passing along a potentially large tax bill.

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Reallocating Your Wealth: taking a look at pools of capital

Jun 26, 2018 |Brendon Boothman
We all have the same traditional pools of capital, within which to accumulate and invest our wealth and draw income- pension, registered and non-registered assets. Within the non-registered option there are such vehicles as equities, fixed income & mutual...
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Bolstering the Balance sheet

May 31, 2018 |Brendon Boothman

Why business owners are investing millions in a strategy that CPAs often miss.

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Passive Investment Income in a Private Corporation

Apr 19, 2018 |Brendon Boothman

There have been several updates to tax rules on passive investment income. On February 27, 2018, the government released the budget.

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Tax-minimization strategies


Watch the following video to learn key strategies to help manage your tax burden.