Small Talk- October 2021

October 05, 2021 | Brendon Boothman


From our Team

Have you heard about RBC Future Launch?  Let me take a moment to explain my understanding of it.  Basically RBC committed hundreds of thousands of dollars and teamed up with great organizations like McGill University and The Globe and Mail to help empower the youth of today for the jobs of tomorrow. 

With RBC Future Launch youth can gain new skills, grow a network, get work experience and even enhance mental well-being.  Here are a few of the useful tools that Canadian youth can access:

RBC Upskill – Help discover and unlock  your career potential.

RBC Future Launch at Home – virtual programs designed to keep you engaged and connected.

RBC Future Launch Scholarship – A scholarship different from all the rest.

RBC Future Launch Discovery Quiz – Ready to launch your career?

All I need you to do is share this!  Send it to your kids or grandkids, another relative or a neighbor.  These are free tools designed to empower our youth.

From RBC Portfolio Advisory Group & RBC Wealth Management

If you’re at all interested about the potential default of China’s largest property firm, Evergrande, read this article here

The RBC mobile app has been updated, watch this brief video to learn why HGTV Canada’s Bryan and Sarah Baeumler us it to access their accounts. 

RBC's Investment Stance

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Just for Fun

7 Canadian Thanksgiving Facts

  1. It’s older than American Thanksgiving
  2. It’s not a stat holiday in 4 provinces
  3. It used to be celebrated on Remembrance Day
  4. A regular date wasn’t set until 1957
  5. In Quebec it’s called “Action de grace”
  6. It’s also when Oktoberfest is happening
  7. Jiggs’ Dinner is usually served in Newfoundland