Small Talk- July 2021

Jul 12, 2021 | Brendon Boothman


From our Team

Summer is here, let’s get smokin’!  I’m sure by now most of you know I love to smoke food as I’ve wrote about it several times.  I’ve recently expanded my methods from using only a pellet grill to include a charcoal fired grill which is a completely different cooking experience, in case you didn’t already  know.  I’m using a drum fired grill built in Wainwright, Ab by a couple of guys in their garage.  Matt & Alex are smoking enthusiasts themselves and wanted to build a high quality drum smoker for themselves and then Drumbo was founded in 2018.  The components are all Canadian made and the really cool thing is the drum is manufactured in my home town of Lloydminster, I actually worked at that factory 20+ years ago with my dad!

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Just for Fun

Interesting facts about grilling, smoking & BBQ

  1. The most popular day of the year to BBQ in Canada is unsurprisingly- Canada Day
  2. The most common food item people cook is the good old fashioned burger- 85% of people say a hamburger is their favorite
  3. The most common side dishes that are served at BBQ’s include corn, potatoes and grilled vegetables
  4. Different types of wood are used to import flavors into the food.  The most common types are oak, apple, pecan, cherry, guava, kiawe, maple, hickory and mesquite. 
  5. 60% of grillers/smokers learned it from a family member- usually their father, uncle or brother