A Disciplined Process is the Key
A client's life story is like a winding road. Each one is unique, evolving and constructed. Every client, like every road, has a destination -an end goal in mind.
To provide comprehensive wealth management advice, Blake and his team work with you through a 5 step process designed to help us identify your goals and develop a results-based strategy that will keep you on track to your goals. As a client of Blake, you are at the center of this process because ultimately you are in the driver's seat.
  1. Introduction - Blake will introduce you to the wealth management services he provides, not just during your first meeting, but on an ongoing basis as your needs evlove and new services become available.
  2. Discovery - Together, you and Blake will gain a deeper understanding of your individual needs, goals and circumstances to help you clarify your financial objectives. This includes gathering together all your important financial information.
  3. Strategy - Next, Blake analyzes your financial and personal information to match your objectives with knowledgeable, time-tested strategies.
  4. Implementation - Blake develops thoughtful and time-tested solutions tailored to your objectives, drawing from the information gathered during our Introduction, Discovery and Strategy stages.
  5. Service -Blake and his team regularly review your situation to ensure your financial objectives are being met in light of your changing needs or changing market conditions.