The Five Pillars of My Practice

  • Objective and independent advice. I will always present options that are in your best interest – not subject to ownership, fee structures, or anything that does not ultimately serve you and your goals.
  • Informed & evidence-based investing. Speculation is not investing. I invest in businesses that have been heavily researched by my team and I, seek to deliver consistent cash-flow, are run by excellent management teams and that are positioned to create wealth for their shareholders.
  • Simplicity over complexity. I don’t believe in fancy investment strategies that can’t be easily explained. Simplicity is strictly preferred, especially as complex problems often do not demand complex solutions.
  • Clear, consistent communication. I believe regular, open and honest communication best allows clients to develop the confidence required to stick with a plan through market cycles.
  • Client-first mentality. When faced with any decision, I am guided by the belief that what matters most are my client’s objectives – my success is defined by helping you accomplish them.

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