Go “e” for a tree in honour of Earth Day 2021

Apr 22, 2021 |RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

Switch from paper to electronic documents or explore new ways of banking online, and with our partner Tree Canada, we'll plant a tree in your honour.

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Market volatility and your portfolio

Mar 27, 2020 |Heather LeBar

We continue to expect volatility to remain elevated in the near term until clarity emerges on the potential containment of the coronavirus.

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The Art of the Scam

Jan 22, 2020 |Heather J. LeBar
Every day on social media I see a warning about a scam going around and it sure seems like the scammers get better and more creative every year. Some of the common scams are: Identity Theft Romance Scams Phishing and smishing (phishing by text) Tax scams...
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Why Am I An Investment Advisor (and Financial Planner)?

Dec 17, 2019 |Marc Morais
Long before IPads and portable DVD players, my parents would often drive my younger siblings and me to Val-Comeau, New Brunswick to visit family. What did I do for entertainment on these 16 hour road trips? Math flash cards! A few years later? Full blown...
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“The Roaring 20’s… Redux”

Nov 23, 2019 |Heather LeBar
Well, well, well….I looked back to the beginning of the year and I see that one of my first blog posts was, whaddya know, a checklist for your New Year’s Financial Resolutions. So here we are at the end of 2019 already (!) and I thought I’d round things...
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The Golden Rule of Investing (Part 2)

Oct 23, 2019 |Marc Morais
I wanted to elaborate on my most recent blog The Golden Rule…of Investing We said it last time: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” a.k.a. diversify. What’s even better than diversifying? Diversifying with purpose better known as “Asset Allocation”...
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The Golden Rule . . . of Investing

Aug 14, 2019 |Marc Morais
You’ve heard it all your life: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! What does this mean when it comes to investing? Investing all your money primarily in one stock severely increases your risk without necessarily increasing your investment return (see:...
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I'll Take Manhattan

Jul 03, 2019 |Heather J. LeBar
Here’s a thing you don’t know about me: I was in a miniseries. It was called “I’ll Take Manhattan” and it was based on a novel by Judith Krantz who died recently. Way back in 1986 the production came to my town to film a few scenes and there was a call...
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The Secret to Doubling your Money

Jun 25, 2019 |Marc Morais
The secret to doubling your money is really no secret at all. To double your money, all you need is TIME! How much time is needed to double your money? There’s a simple formula we can use called the “Rule of 72”. Simply take the number 72, and divide...
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The Soul of Money

Apr 04, 2019 |Heather J. LeBar
Save The Date! May16th - Women & Wealth Event - Details Coming Shortly In preparation for this event I’m reading the book “The Soul of Money” by Lynne Twist. The author is a fundraiser and activist and writes about our relationship with money - not the...
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