"Over the past few years you have been of invaluable assistance to us, bringing our many accounts at various institutions under one roof. Your plan has our investment program on a solid, stable footing and the reporting system makes it simple for non-financial minds to understand what is happening. We appreciate the regular reviews and the prompt replies to requests for information or funds transfer. Thanks for all you have done"
- Sandy L
"I personally wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for your time, guidance and professionalism in providing Natalie with direction for her financial planning.  She is very excited about the process and was especially impressed with you. Although her start in this process may be small, at no point did you make her feel anything but important.  As I explained to Natalie, we all have to start somewhere and hopefully these somewhat humble beginnings will development into a long and prosperous relationship for all down the road.  You have always provided excellent guidance and support in building my own portfolio as well.  I feel comfortable in knowing you will make yourself available, should I have any questions or concerns.  Your weekly emails, which provide insight and information about the world markets, economy and sometimes general information on what's happening in the world today, are most helpful.  You truly make me feel important as your client and your experience and professionalism is greatly appreciated."
- Renee F
"Andrew Burton keeps us up to date and provides terrific service. He was highly recommended to us and we are happy that we have chosen him to take care of our portfolio."
- Doug M.
"Andrew Burton is doing an excellent job. We are very happy. No concerns."
- Candice W
"Perhaps a few thoughts on choosing a source of investment advice.  It is probably most important that there is a good flow of information and understanding between client and advisor.  Some investment advisors in the past have not been able to do that - but Andrew has managed to understand our investment preferences.  It is not that an advisor should do exactly what you tell him, but should know what your objectives and investment biases might be, and can gently prod you in the best directions.  Over the past eight or nine years Andrew has undertaken this with sensitivity and tact, and we especially valued his good advice during the periods of financial uncertainity a few years ago."
- Ian E
"Great job.  Love working with Andrew.  The weekly updates are fantastic and keep your customers engaged with you."
- Dal S.