The best investments we’ve made have been in our relationships.

Most of our team has worked together for more than 25 years, and we’ve become one another’s best friends. So, while the experience and expertise you can read about here has made us a leading advisory team in the country, it’s the importance each of us place on building meaningful relationships that creates a uniquely personal client experience.

Allan Morse, BBA, PFP

Vice-President & Wealth Advisor


Allan knew at a young age that he wanted to be a wealth advisor. For one thing, he excelled in math and loved to study things like economics and capital markets. But more importantly, with two business owner parents, he recognized that a person’s financial health impacts nearly every aspect of their life. If he could build a local team of professionals – ones with the expertise, determination, and compassion for the job – he could provide significant, lasting comfort to the people of PEI.

And that is what Allan set out to do. Graduating from UPEI with a Bachelor of Business Administration, and recruiting many of the team members he still has the pleasure of working with to this day, Allan founded The Morse Team in 1993.

Allan’s vision quickly came to life and, 14 years later, he was approached by RBC Dominion Securities to bring his team to our firm. It was an important decision, but simple enough. “If my clients are paying a firm, it’s my responsibility to get them the best value. Moving from my old firm to this one was like upgrading my clients from a medium toolbox to a deluxe extra-large one.” Now, Allan’s investment and money management are backed by an accredited team of market analysts and some of the best money managers across the globe. And, he combines the leading estate, business, retirement, tax and insurance planning expertise of his RBC partners into one efficient wealth strategy that is unique to every client.

Allan couldn’t be prouder of the team members he now calls his best friends, and the success they’ve had in enhancing the quality of life of every client who has walked through his door. Their shared role, as Allan sees it, is to “be a wealth management family for every lifelong client we serve, and help them achieve their every financial goal.”

Outside of the office, Allan focuses his time on family and health as much as he can. He is a supporter and past chair of the QEH Hospital Foundation, past member of the UPEI School of Business Advisory Board, and past board member of a local food bank. He and his wife, Ellen, are the proud parents of Jack and Charlie.

John Arch MacDougall, BBA

Associate Wealth & Investment Advisor


John Arch is a natural-born lover of capital markets, and has always wanted to find a career in investment management. As a teenager, he read books on investing and compound interest, and even took industry courses on his own time. “I liked the idea of making smart decisions with my money, and when I felt like I had figured out how to do that, I thought it would feel pretty great to help other people make smart decisions with theirs.”

After completing his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from UPEI, John Arch first put his passion to work as a financial analyst with Lafarge S.A., a leading construction materials company. It was interesting and challenging work, but he continued to keep a close eye on the investment management field, eager to make a career as a financial coach for individuals and families. In 2011, this drive brought him to RBC.

As an Associate Wealth & Investment Advisor, John Arch brings his dream to fruition every day by assisting in the construction of your personalized investment portfolio and developing comprehensive wealth management strategies to suit your evolving goals. He plays a leading role in reviewing your progress with you. And, as a primary point of contact for many of our clients, John Arch is available to address your daily questions, thoughts, or concerns regarding your important financial goals. His role is everything he imagined, because, as he puts it, “When we do a good job, it means our clients can have better lives. There’s a lot of fulfillment in that.”

When not at work, John Arch spends most of his time with his family. He and his wife, Karen, live in Charlottetown with their three young children, Archer, Austin and Mae. Outside of family and work, he still makes time for golfing, skiing, and reading.

Bev McIsaac



Bev entered the financial services industry in 1988 after she graduated from the University of Prince Edward Island with a degree in Business Administration. She has been a valued member of the Morse Team since 1998, using her experience and expertise to provide a high level of client service.

Bev usually starts her day in the office by reviewing yesterday's trades. The knowledge gleaned from this task, combined with her strong administration skills, enables her to maintain a wide angle view of the team’s operations. She prides herself in her role of helping provide a high level of timely and professional updates to clients on their account transactions.

Family and community are important aspects of Bev’s life, attributes developed growing up on the family farm in Fairview, PEI. She is an active volunteer in numerous committees, and enjoys her interactions with friends and neighbors in building a better community.

Elaine Waddell



Elaine joined the financial services industry in 1996. Before then, she held a variety of titles – such as school secretary and sales representative – that all helped equip her with two valuable skills: organization and relationship management. Elaine’s knack for organization and ability to connect so meaningfully with the people around her quickly made her an integral member of The Morse Team, and she continues to ensure our practice runs smoothly.

Much of Elaine’s role involves booking your review meetings, preparing meeting reports, planning client events, and keeping track of your other wealth management needs (such as insurance, business, estate and retirement planning). She is also a key point of contact, offering quick and knowledgeable support when you need it. In fact, providing this kind of one-on-one support is her favourite part of the job. “It’s like with most jobs,” she will say. “The people are what make it great.”

Elaine was raised in Belfast, PEI, and now resides in Stratford. Just like at work, she loves to be social and spends much of her time with her husband, two sons, friends, and fellow community members. She is a big supporter of the community, and enjoys canvassing for charities such as The Canadian Cancer Society, Heart & Stroke Foundation, and the Diabetes Association.


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