It’s our job to ensure you live comfortably, always.

We care about our clients’ future and happiness as much as they do. But delivering financial comfort and confidence takes more than care. In our experience, it takes thorough, personalized, and all-encompassing wealth planning for your unique goals – something we accomplish with expertise, experience, and a time-tested process.

First, we ask the right questions and we listen

When we sit down with you for the first time, our sole objective is to get to know you. “Who are you? Tell us about your family? What are we trying to accomplish today, and tomorrow?” We uncover what makes you, you, and how we can help achieve what matters most.

Second, we do what we do best – plan

If you need a root canal, you go to a dental surgeon who has done it 8,000 times. Consider us “the endodontist of wealth planning.” We assess the future you envision, and work backwards to determine the solutions that will get you there – that’s been our trade for 85 combined years.

We don’t let risks, or opportunities, slip through the cracks.

While our focus is managing the moving parts of your wealth strategy, we also partner with specialists in the niche areas of wealth, like tax minimization, business succession planning, trust and estate planning, and investing in specific market segments to ensure you’re supported by diverse expertise.

Supporting every type of financial need you may have

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Financial planning

We are all planners at heart, personally and professionally. So it’s no surprise that we all believe a financial plan is a critical first step to every client’s success. By establishing your most important goals and building a road map to achieving them, we can build the right investment, retirement, estate, and business solutions for your needs.

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Business planning

Balancing business and personal wealth comes with its own set of challenges. In our nearly 30 years of supporting business owners and their families, we’ve come to specialize in areas like managing corporate and personal assets tax-efficiently, planning and executing a smooth business succession, and navigating retirement when the time comes.

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Retirement planning

When will you be able to retire? Can you maintain your current lifestyle? Will you experience all that you want to in retirement? These are some of the questions we focus on, as we plan for and secure the retirement you’ve envisioned.

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Banking solutions

Working closely with our RBC partners, we ensure your banking and credit needs are not only met, but designed and implemented with your greater wealth strategy in mind.

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Investment management

We keep your family, priorities, lifestyle, and growth goals top of mind as we design a fully personalized portfolio. And, we partner with leading money managers across the globe, so that your investments are backed by specialized expertise in every market segment.

Will & estate planning

True financial peace comes from knowing your family and legacy are fully protected. So, we work closely alongside highly accredited specialists and legal professionals who help us minimize estate tax, plan for every outcome, and ensure your wealth is passed to the next generation smoothly, the way you intended.


Meet our partners

Our team and partners are here for you

Through our team approach, every facet of your financial life will be planned for, coordinated, and secure. To learn more about these services, or get in touch with one of our partners, please contact us today.



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