Start shaping your ideal financial future

As your financial affairs become more complex, it could become a source of stress or anxiety in your daily life. That’s why it’s our team’s ultimate goal to minimize your stress while maximizing your wealth. How do we achieve this? By combining full-service wealth management with strategic investment advice.

What does full-service wealth management look like?

Wealth management is one of many tools we use to help you create your full financial picture. Your wealth consists of many moving parts, and each part deserves professional attention. Our approach brings it all together in one place.

In my experience, the best results are achieved when you focus on planning before investing. Financial planning doesn't have to be treated as an afterthought.

– Maymar Naman

What does strategic investment advice look like?

Investing is another important tool we use to grow and preserve your wealth. With a long-term view, our strategy focuses on five key areas.

Business professionals looking at a chart.


Behind every decision is our team’s rigorous process, rooted in deep research and analysis.

Naman team connecting with a client family.


From the outset, we take concrete steps to minimize risk and set you up for future success.

Maymar handing a folder over to two clients.


We follow our time-tested recipe for success: multi-asset, multi-style, and multi-manager.

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We connect you with the best-in-class money managers backed by the strength and resources of RBC.

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Our single investment structure offers a range of benefits, from optimized trade execution to tax mitigation.