Peace of mind and an unmatched level of service

Drawing on our extensive experience and unique backgrounds, at The McCartney Group, we serve as trusted stewards for your wealth. Backed by a disciplined investment process and the best-in-class resources of RBC Wealth Management, we foster close relationships with clients and their families – in Oakville and beyond – to help uncover their long-term goals, and craft a plan to achieve them.

With 25 years of experience mentoring advisors and safeguarding portfolios, Daniel leverages a truly unique industry background when providing wealth management solutions and ongoing comprehensive and trusted advice to his clients.

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Senior Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor

Daniel McCartney

25+ years of experience

A core part of The McCartney Group, April supports Daniel and his clients with exceptional service. She serves as clients’ key point of contact for day-to-day portfolio needs, expertly responding to even the most complex inquiries with a smile.

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Senior Associate

April Nicholson

15 years of experience

What makes our team different?

In an industry where it seems that every financial service provider carries the moniker of “financial planner” or “fiduciary”, the ability to articulate a differentiation is extremely challenging for the wealth management firm, and, even more so, for the potential client, who is placing their financial future in the hands of a financial professional.

Our key differentiators set us apart as we build and protect wealth for medical professionals, business owners, retirees, sudden wealth recipients, and widows, widowers, and divorcees.


Clients should understand how much they pay and what they are paying for.

We're local

Living and working together face to face creates an extra layer of accountability and a sense of family.


A person’s value is not measured by their net worth. Every client is treated equally with respect and compassion.


Clients should always expect, and get, the whole truth.

You have important goals.

We have the expertise to help you reach them.

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