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All investors miss trades and make mistakes – what matters most is not losing sight of your goals. Consider these points to help you stay on track and feel confident in your portfolio:

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As a long-term investor, you don’t buy stocks, you own companies.

What really matters in the long run are the earnings and free cash flow that a company generates, along with the quality of the business, the valuation you pay and your expectation of future returns.

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Don’t forget the balance sheet.

Debt can be a friend, as it increases earnings, but it can also be a downfall. Too much debt can ruin companies along with their equity investors. Make sure you understand how much debt the company carries and its debt maturity profile.


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Do not beat yourself up over short-term performance or missing out on the “hottest stock.”

All investors miss trades and make mistakes – the best you can do is learn from those mistakes and not lose sight of what you are trying to achieve.

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Consider adding international markets.

The S&P TSX composite is heavily weighted towards pro-cyclical sectors such as financials, energy, industrials and materials. While this can be beneficial during certain economic periods, there are a lot of great businesses outside of Canada, too. These can complement the best we have to offer while helping to reduce risk in your portfolio.