Our Partners

Carolyn leverages all of the bank's resources, the team assembled below, and her unique experiences as a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur to create an actionable plan for her clients. 

Financial Planning


Yat-Sze Lo, CPA, CA, CFP

Vice President and Financial Planning Specialist, RBC Family Office Services

Will & Estate Specialist


Melissa Nagelbach, LL.B

Will & Estate Consultant, RBC Family Office Services

Estate Planning Specialist


Cheryl Johnson-Engmann, CFP, CLU, TEP

Estate Planning Specialist, RBC Wealth Management Financial Services Inc.

High Net Worth Planning Specialists


Sara M. Johnson, ESQ, Ph.D., TEP, CFP, LL.M. (US Law), JD

Vice President, High Net Worth Planning Services International Estate, Art and Digital Legacy Planning, RBC Family Office Services


Aileen Battye, LL.B, TEP

Vice President, High Net Worth Planning Services, RBC Family Office Services