A career that attracts people with varied interests and academic backgrounds. 

What makes RBC Dominion Securities Different?

Branch Management

As managers, we treat our advisors like our clients. An RBC Dominion Securities manager is an ally who helps your business grow and prosper.

Trust Factor

RBC is the most trusted financial institution in Canada. Clients feel comfortable and secure dealing here.

Expert Local Support

Investment Advisors are busy people. We employ Financial Planners, Will and Estate Lawyers, Insurance Consultants and High-Net-Worth Tax Experts who meet with advisors and their clients to provide a boutique experience that is beyond their expectations.

Expert Head Office Support

We have by far the largest staff of experts ready to offer assistance and support to Advisors, including:

  • Portfolio Advisory Group – 12 equity and fixed-income portfolio advisors who support only RBC Dominion Securities Advisors
  • Fixed-Income Trading Desk – 11 fixed-income product and trading specialists
  • Financial Planning Advisory Support – 10 accountants and lawyers keeping you well-informed on financial, tax and estate planning topics by taking your specific questions and producing over 400 articles and publications
  • Financial Planning Analysts – A team of 10 financial planners who prepare comprehensive financial plans for your high-net-worth clients
  • Financial Planning Software Support – Four financial planners with software expertise to help you create financial plans
  • High-Net-Worth Planning Services – Five high-net-worth planning specialists to help you address your ultra-high-net-worth clients' most complex tax, estate and financial planning concerns
  • Managed Product Helpdesk and Product Managers – Eight experts on our suite of managed investment products and wealth management solutions
  • Business Development – 10 marketing professionals to help Advisors create websites, design marketing materials, and build lists.
  • Business Application Specialists – 10 on-site technology trainers to help you set up your desktop and maximize efficiencies.

Practice Management

One-on-one consulting to help established practices break through the barriers to the next level of success, transform from transaction to fee business, or adopt a more holistic wealth management approach.

RBC Partnership

RBC is Canada's largest and most trusted financial institution, giving our clients exceptional peace of mind. As Canada's most valuable brand, instantly recognizable worldwide, RBC also helps open doors with prospective clients. Locally, we enjoy an excellent relationship with our RBC partners, working together on client service and referrals.

Innovative Products

We have created innovative off-the-shelf products that allow us to provide our clients with simple Family Trusts, Charitable Foundations, IPPs, RCAs and more. These are in addition to our industry-leading suite of managed investment options.

Guided Portfolio Process

Our Guided Portfolio investment management process is the envy of the industry. Our Canadian equity focus list has an outstanding 23-year track record. As of Feb. 28, 2010, it boasts a pre-fee annualized return of 15.8% since inception, outperforming the TSX index by 6.6% per year. Performance like that is a powerful calling card.

Discretionary Management

Our Private Investment Management program allows qualified advisors to become licensed as discretionary Portfolio Managers. While other firms struggle to grow this type of program, RBC Dominion Securities advisors now manage over $18 billion in this fashion. Our Portfolio Managers consider it a major competitive advantage which allows them to compete directly for business with private investment management firms.

Investment to Support Your Business

Many of these advantages come about as a result of our financial strength. We are by far the most profitable IIROC-registered firm in the country. This financial strength allows us to reinvest in our business at a time when others cannot. Our advisors reap the benefits, and their businesses grow.

The results speak for themselves.

Largest Average Book Size by a Wide Margin

Our advisors manage an average of approximately $117 million for their clients. This is substantially more than the average at any of the other large full-service firms. This is the most compelling proof that, when all is said and done, it is easier for you, and your clients, to grow and prosper at RBC Dominion Securities.

If you would like more information or to arrange a meeting please contact Jennifer Lemieux today:

Phone: (613) 549-7464 Email: jennifer.lemieux@rbc.com