Providing Portfolio First Aid for Canadian Investors since 1991.

It’s been said that “money talks”. Sometimes it cries “HELP!” That’s where I come in.

The primary focus of my practice is on providing a comprehensive wealth management approach. This involves a detailed financial planning process in addition to a disciplined approach to portfolio management. I work in collaboration with our in – house experts as well as our external network of advisors to help my clients protect and manage their hard earned wealth.

Among the individuals and families I work with, a large number of my clients are people who are approaching retirement and are focussed on protecting and growing their nest – egg. An equally large number of my clients are already retired. They also want to protect their capital while maximizing their after – tax income.

My clients include business owners and incorporated professionals who need strategies for tax – minimization, risk mitigation, retirement income planning and succession planning. I also have expertise in working with foundations and not – for – profits with investment management needs under specific guidelines.

In addition to the extensive research my team conducts to uncover suitable investment opportunities for your portfolio, we also consider research from our firm's Portfolio Advisory Group. This group consists of specialists in equities, fixed income, structured products and Exchange Traded Funds, who provide investment research and analysis to my team to help us manage your portfolio. This team provides investment insights and recommendations on an ongoing basis, independently assessing research and strategy from a wide range of sources.

Acting as your personal Portfolio Manager, I am able to create and manage your customized investment portfolio for you based on your investment goals and comfort level with risk. I make day-to-day investment decisions on your behalf based on your personal Investment Policy Statement, which documents how I will manage your portfolio. In addition to my ongoing oversight, your portfolio will be monitored by RBC's Portfolio Implementation and Risk Management Group, an independent review group.  They verify that your portfolio complies with your Investment Policy Statement which can offer you extra peace of mind in entrusting your assets with RBC Dominion Securities.

To contact me to request a complimentary second opinion on your portfolio and financial plan, please send an email to

Complimentary Second Opinion Service

Our complimentary Second Opinion Service gives prospective clients a review of current portfolio holdings and overall wealth planning.  This will allow us to gain a better understating of your financial needs, whether they are savings goals, retirement and tax planning concerns and other needs such as insurance coverage or charitable intentions. Our complimentary service opinion opens the door for our estate planning specialists, estate and trust advisors and high net worth planning specialists who can help build and shape your financial future. Read more about our sercive by clicking here.