A family approach to managing family wealth

We’re here to provide you with a higher level of insight, exceptional client service and help you make the best possible financial decisions for yourself and your family.

How we help families

There's comfort in having the same answer to most of life's questions: whatever is best for my family.

Legacies that last lifetimes. Family wealth is most likely to endure when every member understands their history and is aligned in values and mission. We help you, your children, and your children’s children define what wealth means to your family, so we can translate your collective vision into a comprehensive financial plan.

Serving your family’s every need. From building an intimate understanding of your family tree and coordinating family meetings to establishing appropriate governance structures or building a plan around business succession – we’re here to coordinate all aspects of your financial life.

Investing with your goals at the centre. We don’t chase trends; we steadily grow wealth. With discipline, tax-smart strategies, and by always starting with a plan, we can build your investment portfolios to stand the test of time.

Empowering through education. An educated client feels more confident in their decisions and direction. We empower you in your finances at every step of the financial planning process while helping your children become better stewards of the family legacy.

Plan for peace of mind

Our clients count on us to provide exceptional service, excellent advice, and always come through. It’s a responsibility we take incredibly seriously. It’s the answer to why we do what we do.

One phone call away

We’re here for you in moments of celebration and crisis. If a decision, event, or milestone impacts your financial life in any way – we’re your first call for the advice and support you need.

Expertise for every need

From business planning and lending solutions to estate planning and strategic giving, we have the expertise to help you navigate the complexities of building and preserving wealth.

A plan that grows as you do

Every financial plan is completely customized and regularly reviewed so that we can ensure your plan, at all times, reflects your changing goals and growing family.

Passionate about results

We believe that comprehensive financial planning is a prerequisite to successful investing. We own your plan, are obsessed with the details, and deliver results.