Building teams of the future

As our business becomes more complex, we’re committed to providing our investment advisors and branch teams the support they need to further each business’s success. With customized training for advisors and branch employees, we offer one-on-one technology and application training, group mobile training sessions, and in-class programs.


IA training

The investment industry is constantly evolving with new products, strategies, and regulations to learn. Once you have built a foundation for your business, there are additional training programs that will help you develop new business strategies and plans. Some in-class programs include Executing Wealth Management and Enhancing the High-net-worth Client Experience. Online learning, mobile classroom courses, and conference calls and webcasts are also provided to ensure you can provide an unmatched experience to your clients as their expectations continue to evolve.

Supporting the next generation of advisors

The President’s Club New Investment Advisor Training Program has a more than 70-year history of helping teach and coach new investment advisors in the first five years of starting their business. The program uses a combination of online, in-class, and self-study to help participants develop the skills and knowledge required for a successful and rewarding career as an investment advisor.

Committed to continuing education and training for branch support staff

We want our teams to anticipate our clients’ needs and continually improve to help our investment advisors grow their businesses. Our branch employees receive development opportunities to further their careers, and have access to a comprehensive range of courses and programs. Courses include New Assistant/Associate training, as well as Wealth Management, Investments and Client relationship/Sales training.

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Opportunity to provide continuous feedback for improvement

At RBC Dominion Securities, you have all the advantages of the largest wealth management firm in Canada — world-class investment products, research, and tools — paired with a boutique firm culture. We strive to solicit feedback and encourage thoughtful sharing through our advisory boards, ensuring voices are heard at all levels.


Comprising advisors from across Canada, representing diverse business practices, the Dominion Securities Advisory Board (DSAB) focuses on making our advisors the best informed and most profitable in the industry. The DSAB is the link between investment advisors and the senior management and support teams.

The board meets regularly to enhance business operations and proactively bring field issues to the attention of management.

The Managers Advisory Board (MAB) is a group of branch managers nationwide that aim to improve the branch manager experience and are motivated to make RBC Dominion Securities a great place for advisors to build their businesses.

The MAB acts as a sounding board for various firm initiatives, strategies and policies and also shares best practices and operations at the branch level.

The Investment Associates Advisory Board (IAAB) consists of associates and assistants who act as a voice for their peers, passing on concerns about operational and training issues.

The IAAB is also consulted on operational initiatives that impact client service to obtain feedback drawn from their unique perspectives.

Furthermore, there are many other established advisory boards that provide vehicles for communication, collaboration and development of all functions at RBC Dominion Securities.

“I have been privileged to be a part of the DSAB. We are lucky, despite our large size, to have a culture where our executive team is very accessible and responsive to our feedback. Our ideas and feedback are not only welcomed, but in many cases our advice is solicited in the early stages of major initiatives. The advisory boards provide a formal avenue for all employees to provide feedback directly to the firm’s decision makers. This collective voice provides unique insight and valuable information that will allow RBC Dominion Securities to be highly adaptable and a continued leader in our industry.”

– Michelle Vickers, former DSAB chair, Advisor Experience & Client Strategy Officer at RBC Wealth Management Canada

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An integrated approach to wealth planning with myGPSTM

Wealth planning plays a lead role when it comes to ensuring the unknowns are accounted for and that objectives are met no matter what the future may hold. At RBC Dominion Securities, you will have access to tool that will help you take an integrated approach with your clients to identify, plan, track and help them realize their wealth goals — myGPSTM.


myGPSTM stands for “Goals, Priorities, Solutions,” and the purpose of the tool is to provide individuals with personalized direction in their wealth planning. myGPSTM enables our advisors to identify an individual’s goals, and helps them manage life-changing events and milestones via a detailed and customizable client projection – which can be displayed on a tablet or screen in real time.

Building the client-advisor relationship

With growing trends in online services within the financial industry, myGPSTM provides a value-added option by offering a complementary channel for building the human relationships that are fundamental in successful wealth planning. myGPSTM simplifies the process of information collection and storage, and then takes it one step further in using that information to generate potential opportunities and planning considerations that become important discussion points between the client and advisor. It’s here where the integrated approach of myGPSTM truly shines. The design of the tool gives our advisors a very clear, accurate, and up-to-date snapshot of the individual’s situation, which in turn better enables them to bring expertise to the table with precise solutions and assistance in navigating the path toward achieving long-term goals.

Providing relevance for a wide user base

One of the key objectives of myGPSTM is to provide a simplified and effective wealth-planning projection for individuals across multiple stages of life. Serving everyone from young adults who are taking on more financial responsibility to those nearing or into their retirement years, myGPSTM has capabilities built with everyone’s goals and needs in mind. Another feature of myGPSTM is planning functionality and solutions for business owners. In fact, one of the key questions in generating a personalized report addresses business survival in a major change or crisis and overall business succession planning.

myGPSTM is an interactive tool that can help your clients visualize the wealth planning process. Demonstrating how change impacts future financial situations in real time on a tablet or screen enhances your conversations and helps ensure your clients’ wealth goals become a reality.

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Delivering an unmatched wealth management experience

Our Wealth Management Services (WMS) team of more than 200 designated professionals works with advisors to provide integrated solutions and expertise to your high-net-worth clients.


Your clients’ needs are ever-changing and multifaceted. Meeting them is easy when you have the industry-leading RBC Wealth Management Services team committed to servicing your clients to the same standard that you do.

Be it an accounting query or a legal matter, your partners are at the ready. Strategically located right in your office or a nearby town, your specialists will help you exceed client expectations of what an advisory firm can do. No matter where you are, expertise is always a quick call or click away.

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Expertise is offered in the areas of:


Financial planning

Specialists develop comprehensive financial plans that include projections to determine if clients are on track to meeting their goals (includes tax, retirement, estate, and risk management strategies). They also assist clients in taking a financial planning approach related to every financial decision that impacts their lives.

Estate and trust planning

Experts help clients determine which estate and trust solutions may be appropriate for them based on their family situation and objectives. They identify tax-efficient strategies for wealth transfer to chosen beneficiaries and assist clients with wealth transfer needs by educating future inheritors and the next generation.

Retirement planning

Specialists can help with registered retirement plans, locked-in plans, defined benefit and defined contribution pensions, individual pension plans, and retirement compensation arrangements.

Business ownership planning

Leverage the knowledge and expertise of our business owner strategists to assist business owner clients with their specialized financial needs, preparing for business succession and transition, risk management, and safeguarding wealth.

Tax planning

Tax consultants work with advisors to develop tax-efficient investment strategies to help manage risk, deduct interest, and address tax preparation. They also work with advisors and clients to identify potential solutions for non-residents, executives, holding companies, and corporation issues.

Charitable giving

Experts help clients determine which charitable giving strategies are most for them suitable based on their objectives. They can also assist clients and their families in implementing a charitable foundation to maximize tax benefits and leave a lasting legacy.


Help your clients analyze their insurance needs to ensure they provide for loved ones in the event of disability or death, and deliver creative insurance strategies to increase retirement income and create a lasting legacy.

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Success starts with unrivalled expertise

A dedicated team of specialists stands behind each and every investment advisor.


The RBC Dominion Securities Portfolio Advisory Group (PAG) provides advisors with asset allocation guidance, investment ideas, and recommendations. They can assist you with preparing portfolio reviews and proposals by delivering objective and independent insights, and they provide one-on-one advice on fulfillment selection and client presentations – all to better help you to service your clients.

Leverage multi-faceted support from market information and commentaries, model-guided portfolios, the DS daily Morning Insight and Mid-Day Insight publications, as well as regular client communications, such as Global Insight Weekly and Global Insight Monthly. The RBC DS Asset Allocation Guide also provides guidance on asset allocation from the Canadian Investment Committee.

Every advisor benefits from access to robust and insightful global research and strategy. In our customizable website, RBC Insight, find in-depth coverage of equities, fixed income, investment-grade and high-yield credit, foreign exchange and economics, from RBC Capital Markets’ award-winning analysts, as well as our third-party and independent research providers. Using interactive tools, you can create custom searches, subscribe to specific commentary, explore recent reports, and access an archive of research products.

RBC Dominion Securities is honoured to be the highest-rated bank-owned brokerage,  2021 Investment Executive Brokerage Report Card


Meeting the challenges of a changing world

As the world moved increasingly online during the early days of the pandemic, we helped our clients stay connected by launching new digital tool. This includes our new secure client website and applications to help clients open accounts and sign documents safely from home. We received top marks in a new category, Client Onboarding Tools.

Providing strength and stability in difficult times

Especially during times like these, it's important to have the support and resources of a highly stable wealth management firm. In addition to investing in new digital capabilities, we have continued to invest in our industry-leading wealth management services.

In the report card, we received the highest scores among bank-owned firms in all wealth planning categories, including support for: Developing a Financial Plan for Clients (9.5), Wills & Estate Planning (9), Tax Planning (8.8) and Insurance Planning (9.2). We also led in two key categories important for servicing clients with more complex financial situations: Products & Support for High-Net-Worth Clients (9.5) and Support for Discretionary Portfolio Management (9.3).

See the full set of results listed here:

Top marks in 2021 Investment Executive Brokerage Report Card

RBC DS outclasses the average in all categories

RBC Dominion Securities

Average (total)

Average (bank-owned excluding, RBC DS)

Source: 2021 Brokerage Report Card, Investment Executive

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