Our highly valued clients have an overall preference for balanced income investing and a need to protect their wealth for themselves, their families, their businesses/practice and organizations they belong to. They are individuals, businesses and organizations who take responsibility with integrity. They surround themselves with knowledgeable, caring and trusted professionals. They work hard so that they may enjoy the freedom that success has granted them.
You may benefit from our services if you have any combination of the following circumstances:
  • Family in the U.S. or abroad
  • Assets outside of Canada
  • Significant investable assets
  • Significant tax liability currently or expected in the future
  • Looking to maximize retirement income
  • Own cottage property
  • Estate Planning concerns
  • Desire to transfer wealth in a tax efficient matter
  • Children with disabilities or special needs
  • Professional corporation
  • Business interests
  • Selling your business/practice now or considering it in the future
  • Succession or transition for your business is being considered or a concern
  • Time limitations
  • Significant travel making you unavailable in person over periods of time

We help you protect your assets from taxes and various risks, while maximizing results to realize your specific goals.

The ultimate result: peace of mind.