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This is Kevin and Denise's Story

When Kevin and Denise were facing a stressful life changing event – a cancer diagnosis and the need to secure their daughter’s future – the family turned to Yvonne for help. “It’s quite an ordeal for us and definitely thought provoking.” – Kevin, about Denise’s diagnosis. “Wealth preservation has been something on the forefront, once we were gone we want our daughter to be properly taken care of.”

Today, Denise has recovered and the family continues to live life to the fullest. “It is all good now. Our house is in order because we have a great team working with us. What differs Yvonne Chan Wealth Management Group is the breadth of services offered to us. It is nice to know that the people you are working with determining the quality of your retirement understand what we require as a family and they do care.” – Denise

Kevin, Denise and their daughter Kayla have been clients since 2006.

Yvonne’s Path

As a young immigrant to Canada, Yvonne learned that saving and smart investing would give her freedom. As an investment advisor with RBC Dominion Securities, she shares these same values with her clients and their families.