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For a trustworthy partnership with Investment Advisors who exhibit the highest level of integrity, look to William Vastis and Ravi Gopisetty to help you navigate through each of your life stages and goals. The William Vastis Wealth Management Group pride themselves on helping you plan for tomorrow through superior portfolio and wealth management services. They are backed by a wide range of experts from RBC Wealth Management, including insurance specialists, financial planners and Will and estate consultants.



Whether you are retiring, starting a new job or taking time off, leaving an employer can often be an emotional time. Financial concerns and the need to make some important decisions, such as what to do with your pension, may add to your stress level, at least in the short term.

If you have been a member of a pension plan for many years, the benefits that you have earned in the plan could likely be the largest source of income you will receive in retirement. Deciding what to do with this income involves many variables and can be quite confusing. And, once you make a decision, it is often irreversible.


Prior to or shortly after you have terminated employment, your employer should send you a written summary outlining your company pension plan options. You will be required to select one of the options by a specific deadline. Sometimes you may not have very much time to make your decision. And if you don’t act before the deadline, your employer may consider that you have chosen one of the options by default, which may or may not be the best one for you. This is why it’s so important to get the guidance you need to help you make the best decision quickly.


Speaking with your pension and benefits representative is the best way to find out about the specific options available to you when you terminate employment. The choices will vary significantly from plan to plan.

Peter is a senior executive at a publicly traded company. In a discussion with his Private Banker on transitioning his career from one publicly traded company to another, he was referred to the William Vastis Wealth Management Group for the expertise required to relinquish his stocks. Within a two-week period, the William Vastis Wealth Management Group executed the transition and stock options by controlling the stock price to exercise the transition; made sure Peter was on-side with his new company’s compliance guidelines and consolidated all of his assets and portfolios from around the globe to simplify his financial life. Once Peter’s immediate business needs were addressed, he was introduced to the entire team of experts available to him as a client of the William Vastis Wealth Management group and they discovered a plethora of gaps in his wealth management, including financial, estate and tax planning, for him and his family that hadn’t been identified or acted upon by his previous investment professional.

I was immediately impressed with William’s group as they simplified what seemed to be an endless supply of paperwork, and in one instance went so far beyond my expectations that I was truly amazed. — Peter P.

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Family Business/Office

Diane and Marcus are married with a net worth of millions that they earned in their business — but it wasn’t always this way. In 2008, the two had a traumatic experience with their advisor and lost a great deal of their hard-earned nest egg. With three children in private school, they decided to work toward a five-year succession plan to sell their business. During a discussion with their tax specialist, they were referred to the William Vastis Wealth Management Group for the guidance they would require during this milestone stage in their lives.

The William Vastis Wealth Management Group helped Diane and Marcus coordinate and redistribute their investments tax-efficiently and with respect to their plans after the sale of the business. The extended Wealth Management Specialists team worked with the couple to implement suitable tax and asset protection strategies to counter a clawback on the sale, a Family Trust was established to tax-efficiently fund their children’s education, a life insurance policy was put in place and their financial plan for the future is back on track with a conservative investment approach.

I had worked for nearly 2 1/2 years with another advisor until I was referred to you. I am ever thankful for that referral. You were able to clear up the income and tax problems within the timetable that you had anticipated. Thank you once again as I look forward to working with you on all of our business and personal returns. I also look forward to telling everyone what a wonderful job you did. But I especially appreciate that we are out of our burdens and may now venture forward with our life.
Diane M.

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Business Owners

Maria is an incredibly successful business owner with multiple business partners in support of her quickly growing company. When looking to acquire other companies, she approached RBC in search of someone who could help her with these endeavours. The RBC Financial Planner she first met referred her to the William Vastis Wealth Management Group for the solutions and strategies required to help her grow. Within days of meeting the William Vastis Wealth Management Group, Maria was connected with RBC Capital Markets to support the growth of her company and to plan the acquisition of another. She was referred the services of the Plaza Futures Group regarding foreign currency hedging strategies, an RBC Commercial Account Manager to support her commercial banking, credit and lending needs and a Group RSP for her 70 employees has been established. As a busy business owner, Maria hadn’t had the time to consider her personal financial affairs. With the support of the William Vastis Wealth Management Group and their partners working together in her best interest, both her personal and business financial plans are now thriving.

William Vastis is a professional in every sense of the word. I now have a managed financial plan outlined for my interests. — Maria C.

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Institutional Clients

Our institutional investment solutions combine the needs of our institutional client with the expertise of our investment professionals and the innovation of our technology team. Our institutional clients are mostly organizations and governments with large pools of capital that may be dedicated to long-term commitments such as pension plans, or may have short-term objectives like effective cash management. For institutional clients based in Canada, The William Vastis Wealth Management Group provide tailored investment solutions that span a range of asset classes such as cash and fixed income instruments, as well as equities in developed economies and emerging markets around the world. Our clients include private and public sector organizations, unions, Aboriginal communities, foundations and other non-profit groups.

With our colleagues in RBC Global Asset Management and Capital Markets, we are able to deliver a broad array of institutional investment solutions.

Our investment offerings are designed specifically for treasury managers and others responsible for managing corporate and institutional cash resources. We believe that taking a portfolio of funds approach to managing short-term cash resources can increase an organization’s effectiveness in meeting its short-term investment objectives, without compromising capital preservation and liquidity objectives.

We invite organizations to contact us to discuss their investment dilemma, scenario or aspirations.

Clients Include:

  • Public Sector Groups
  • Corporations & Unions
  • Foundations & Other Non-Profits
  • First Nations

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Medical Professionals

Wealth Planning for Health-Care Professionals is a four-part series of articles discussing tax, financial and retirement planning issues to be considered at various stages of the client’s professional career.

Part 1: The Early Years

Part 2: Starting Out on Your Own

Part 3: The Peak Earning Years

Part 4: Preparing for Retirement

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You want to enjoy a comfortable retirement — who doesn’t? But between inflation, taxes, lower interest rates and the likelihood that you will live for many years after retirement, it can be difficult to earn sufficient income and still be confident that you have enough for the future.

But having enough retirement income to enjoy a meaningful lifestyle is still within your grasp. I write today because I believe that the retirement you’ve worked toward is still possible. As an Investment Advisor, I’d like to help make sure you’ve done everything you can to:

  • Reduce market risk in your portfolio
  • Generate income, even with today’s low interest rates
  • Strategically reduce tax, and boost your after-tax income
  • Draw on your investments in the right order — and reduce exposure to high tax rates

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Sports & Entertainment

Young athletes who join professional sports teams face a variety of unique tax and financial planning issues. This article provides a checklist (not exhaustive) of potential strategies that sports professionals, their families and/or agents should consider to help preserve the player’s financial success and ensure that it continues in the future.

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Women and Wealth Management

There are many financial challenges unique to women such as longer life expectancy, more likely to become widowed, more likely to leave the work force for periods of time, earn less and have lower pensions. Thankfully we have personalized wealth management solutions to help with these unique challenges.

  • Insurance Strategies
  • Estate Plan Review
  • Educational Savings
  • Tax Minimization
  • Investment Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Savings & Income Planning

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