Our Process Starts by Listening to You

We help a select group of individuals, families and institutions to build, manage, protect and transition their wealth. Our process starts by “Listening to You”. Wealth Management goes beyond investment advice and money management to address a wide range of concerns related to both your financial and life goals, The William Vastis Wealth Management Group has over 80 years of experience and manages over $500 Million in assets.

Our services are designed for business owners, senior executives & professionals, retirees, well established families and sports & entertainment individuals who require professional assistance managing their wealth.

Our Simple Approach to Serve You Better

  1. We help a select group of individuals, families, businesses and institutions to build, manage, protect and transition wealth.

  2. Our process starts by listening to you.

  3. We go to work with the information you shared and we will study and analyze it. We will develop, model and test many ways to meet your objective, always seeking solutions customized to your needs.

  4. We will explain our findings and present our recommendation to you in plain, simple English. No technical jargon and when we sign off on our agreement and implement our recommendations, we will do so in an independent, objective and unbiased manner, always mindful of controlling costs and expenses.

  5. We will then monitor, evaluate and adjust. We’ll monitor and evaluate the plans that have been put in place to make sure they’re meeting expectations and if they are not we will take appropriate action. And we will make adjustments to your plans as material changes in the markets warrants, as changes occur in tax laws and regulations and as changes inevitably occur in your life and the lives of your family.

Services We Provide

We understand the value of creating a customized plan that is tailored to your unique financial goals. Your portfolio is only one piece of the puzzle. We help you make sense of the other important issues life throws at you to design and implement a life plan that will help to get you where you need to go.

Coordinating to Protect the Fundamentals

Wealth accumulation is only one of the many phases of your life. Once you have wealth, you will face decisions of wealth conversion, wealth protection and wealth transfer.

In creating personalized investment plans for our clients, we can tap into this expertise to ensure that clients receive the solutions they need. The process starts with the creation of an individualized investment policy statement, which details a client’s risk tolerance, investment time horizon and personal financial situation. Of course, a portfolio is just one part of the bigger picture, which is why we often work together with our clients’ other professional advisors.

We are extremely transparent with respect to our fees. If you are already satisfied with your current Financial Professionals, we open the door for a complimentary 2nd opinion service.

There are three other specializations which may interest you with regard to your financial health and that of your families’ future…

  1. Empathetic Contingency Exit Strategy for Financial Advisors/Investment Consultants looking to prepare for their options. (Retirement, Disability, Illness, Death…)

  2. Family Enterprise Business Advisory Consultation Services (Family Office)

  3. Low alternative cost solution for discretionary portfolios. (Algorithm ETF based portfolio)

We will work with you through each stage to maximize your after-tax income, build a minimum-risk financial plan and create your legacy for your family and charities. We focus on making issues simpler, clearer and we streamline processes so you will be well informed before you have to make a decision. More importantly, we unify all aspects of your wealth management, so you can see them across the board in one glance. Protecting the fundamentals of your wealth is protecting your lifestyle.

Solutions for Every Slice of Your Wealth

At the centre of your wealth is your lifestyle. Our wealth solutions are designed to protect it from time-consuming complexities.

Whether you wish to plan for a sustainable retirement or a business succession, we will provide the specialist, blueprint and resources to do it. Not only do we have in-house experts and professional partners, we also have a Wealth Management Coordinator who is dedicated to bringing all your solutions under one roof. So for any questions concerning your wealth, you will have only one call to make.

Knowledge-Based Industries (KBI) Entrepreneurs

Our commitment to knowledge-based industries—Within our expertise is a strong focus on the technology and Life Sciences Industry.

Our group has customized many solutions for a wide-ranging clientele in these industries and we cater to these clients’ particular needs because we believe in their potential. Innovation requires a tremendous amount of time, so our approach simplifies the financial side of entrepreneurship. We help you with adjustments from start-up, through expansion, to succession. At RBC, we are proud of our track record as Canada’s leading provider of financial services to knowledge-based companies.

Chief Financial Officer (Your Personal CFO)

Some manage the parts, we manage the whole—Financial success comes with increasing responsibilities.

As an extension to our Financial Streamline Approach, the Vastis team offers the Your CFO service to give you time to enjoy your success. We bring a team of experts to manage all disciplines of your wealth, so you can focus on building your lifestyle while we protect it.

We recognize that along with financial success comes increased responsibilities and planning requirements. Our mission is to provide you with comprehensive wealth management services to meet these needs. As an extension of our Financial Streamline Approach, The William Vastis Wealth Management Group provides The Personal CFO service tailored to make your financial life easier to manage.

The Personal CFO service brings a team of individuals who provide innovative solutions and services to satisfy your financial objectives across all disciplines of wealth management. Our expertise can demonstrate the short and long-term benefits of smarter tax strategies and improved investment decisions. We can also show you how to securely transfer money to loved ones, establish a trust or foundation, or simply help you manage your finances on a daily basis.

Solutions for your Wealth

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

We offer advice and strategies across the broad spectrum of financial services, so you will have a single headquarters for all of your wealth. Our suite of personal services include:

  • Investment Advisory Services

  • Income Tax Planning & Compliance Services

  • Risk Management & Insurance Services

  • Estate & Trust Planning

  • Philanthropy

  • Expense Management & Financial Reporting

Unbiased Service

Our unique position as a wealth management services firm allows us to deliver the best advice without conflicts of interest arising from financial product sales. Our investment recommendations come from a wide variety of expert opinions, including: Research Analysts, Fixed-Income Specialists and Investment Consultants.

Individual Insurance Solutions

You deserve a personalized solution. Insurance strategies can preserve your wealth, protect the value of your estate and maximize what you pass on to your loved ones. First, however, you must discover your particular needs. We don’t believe in one-size-fit-all solutions. To build a successful protection strategy, we need to measure your need in tangible ways. Once we understand your lifestyle, family situation and financial goals, we will help you to create opportunities with a personalized insurance solution.

Estate Creation and Preservation

Taxes, liabilities, estate-related and other future costs can all be offset by your permanent insurance coverage. By taking advantage of the preferred status of Tax-Exempt Life Insurance, you can maximize the value of your assets and the value being transferred to the next generation.

Tax Minimization

Tax-exempt insurance can eliminate the annual taxes you pay on your investment growth, as well as those payable when you die. The long-term value of these products is that their earnings can often greatly eclipse what would otherwise be earned through regular investing.

Estate Maximization and Protection

With Segregated Funds, you can get the security of a GIC and the performance potential of the stock market without needlessly risking your hard-earned savings.

Income Enhancement

Certain solutions using insurance products can provide a supplemental stream of cash, thereby Enhancing Retirement Income. The net income derived from this strategy may be significantly higher than what is achievable with traditional fixed income vehicles, especially during times of low interest rates.