All about the new carbon tax credit

Apr 05, 2019 | Emily Youngblut


"You're going to file your 2018 return, get the tax credit added as part of your refund and if you are in Ontario, a family of four receives $307 extra," explaines Lisa Gittens, a senior tax professional with H&R Block.

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The federal government's plan to offset the cost of its carbon tax for residents of Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba and Saskatchewan could be missed by people filing their 2018 taxes who aren't familiar with the new terminology. Click here to read the full article presented by CBC for an in depth look at this new federal tax credit.


If you'd like more information on the new carbon tax click here for an article presented by CTV.


Do you work with an account to prepare your taxes or are you one of the many Canadians who file their taxes without professional help? What do you think of the new carbon tax credit?