Professionals, Business Owners, Foundations, You

No matter who you are, where you work or what your background is, all relationships begin with a thorough discussion of your unique situation, past investment experience and your financial goals. Although the basis for all our client relationships is similar, our process provides different benefits to different people.


For professionals, we will structure your investment portfolio to meet your specific goals such as investing for retirement, paying down your mortgage, saving for your children’s education, and ensuring that appropriate life insurance and income replacement strategies are in place. As your time is likely in high demand, we will take you through our process in stages, based on your schedule. Our concise quarterly reporting packages will allow you to review the changes we have made in the portfolio, our rationale and our view of the coming year in a concise format.

Business Owners

As a business owner, you likely have more complex financial and investment needs. We will help you manage your investable assets over the short and long term, plus integrate business protection and tax-minimization strategies into your overall plan. As with many professionals, you likely do not devote as much time as you would like to the management of your investments, which is why we can meet with you and address the above issues at your pace. Through our contacts at the Royal Bank we can also provide expertise on corporate banking and group retirement plans.


Ensuring that you will be able to retire confidently and have the money to enjoy the activities you want to experience in retirement is important. We will customize your portfolio around your specific situation, balancing priorities such as investment growth, preservation of capital, and providing retirement income. We will also review your estate plan with you and explore solutions to best meet your wishes. For many clients this may involve providing a number of different projections outlining what your retirement income could look like, based on different rates of return and annual income levels. Prior to retiring, we can also provide an analysis of any potential pension alternatives you may have through your company.


Individuals entrusted with the responsibility of managing a substantial pool of funds must find the balance between minimizing risk while optimizing returns. We will work by your side, providing you with the professional assistance you need to structure your portfolio to meet your organization’s financial goals, all within clear, well-defined guidelines. This can involve regular meetings with the board of directors to provide a formal review of the portfolio as well as our outlook going forward.

For more detailed information, please click on our Foundation Enhancement Process.

People Who Pay Too Much Tax!

Tax minimization is an important consideration for all of us. We will integrate specific and appropriate tax savings strategies into your plan to optimize tax efficiency. These strategies may include maximizing RRSP contributions, splitting income with your spouse, purchasing tax-exempt insurance, converting non-deductible debt into tax-deductible debt, and investing in quality Limited Partnership Units.