What our clients are saying

Dr. Charles Johnson MD FRCPC

Winnipeg, MB

I have always been intimidated by investing and as a result, have taken a hands off approach. The complexity of investing seemed too great.  Five years ago, with the prospect of retirement looming I questioned whether I was getting the highest possible return on my hard earned money. Another opinion was required and Vince Boschman came very highly recommended.


I met Vince 5 years ago. He has been very sensitive to my interests and concerns. He has been extremely approachable and all inquiries have received attention and care. My portfolio’s performance has exceeded my expectations every year.


I have been extremely pleased with Vince Boschman’s management of my portfolio. I have no reservations about recommending him as a financial advisor.


Guy Hodgins

North Vancouver, BC

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Vince Boschman and company now for probably close to 20 years, including the great 2008 market “downturn”!

Through all types of economic weather, he always made me feel that my investments were important, and I have grown very comfortable with Vince’s calm, professional financial management style.

Vince speaks to me in a manner that helps me to understand the intricacies of the turbulent investment world that allows me to sleep at night regardless of market conditions, as I know I am in good hands! I am definitely financially “wiser” due to his advice and fund management!


Keith Lemkey

East St Paul, MB

Our decision to change financial planners wasn’t an easy one. Trusting someone you don’t know to handle your life’s savings doesn’t come lightly. We had been bumped around several times, with our prior investment company, which only left us more cautious, even somewhat suspicious with making another change, but something needed to improve from the situation we were in.

Vince was referred to us by a friend, and I must share, from our first visit the experience was impressive. It was the first time a financial planner came to see us, opposed to us going to see them. It was the first time we’d experienced someone that was truly interested in our plans . . all of our plans . . . our current and long term goals, our current situation was, where we planned on being in the future, as well as considering what our lifestyles were, travel plans, insurance coverage’s, as well as where our children fit into the overall scheme of things. Vince provided us with a plan, a realistic plan, with realistic expectations both on our part, and his. He keeps us in the loop either via email or letter, so we are kept up to speed on what’s going on with our portfolio in a timely manner, not just at RRSP time.

Although we have been with Vince for not quite a year, he has not only met, but he has exceeded what he felt was achievable to date. We’re very happy with making our move to RBC, working with Vince has been a pleasure.


Dr. Luke Singh

Hanover Dental Clinic
Steinbach, MB

I have been working with Vince Boschman at RBC dominion securities for over 2 years and I have not been happier. I switched all my portfolio’s to Vince because of the personal relationship he builds with his clients. I feel that he is not only my financial advisor but my friend as well.