A measured approach to wealth management
Your wealth is about much more than the numbers on your statement. Its the business you have worked to build, your professional career, the property you own and the legacy you create. Your peace of mind will depend on passing the business into the right hands, retiring right and ensuring your family is protected from financial hardship.
Todds personal angle is to focus on creating a balanced portfolio that includes cash, fixed-income and equities to create long-term income and growth potential while protecting principal. He also has a special focus on oil and gas investing.
Constructing a balanced portfolio
Todds approach to providing investment advice comprises traditional portfolio construction with an aspect of discretionary wealth management. In creating an individual wealth plan, he follows a five-step approach.
Step 1: Discovery
This first step is a comprehensive review of personal aspirations for the overall financial situation. Todd creates a detailed investor profile documenting your investment objectives, investment time horizon and comfort level with risk.
Step 2: Investment Policy Statement
Next, he establishes the basic guiding principles for building and managing the portfolio, which are documented in the Investment Policy Statement an individualized blueprint for building and protecting wealth.
Step 3: Portfolio implementation
The next step is to build the portfolio using a disciplined, long-term approach. Todd works with portfolio strategists and research analysts to select the most appropriate investment products and services. In doing so he adheres to a strict investment discipline to ensure the portfolio aligns with the parameters of the Investment Policy Statement and consists of high-quality investments on an ongoing basis.
Step 4: Wealth planning
 To provide a comprehensive level of service, we address needs for financial planning, tax minimization, wealth protection, intergenerational wealth transfer and charitable giving. In doing so, we draw on a wide range of RBC Wealth Management advisors in the areas of law, estates and taxation. If required, Todd offers access to an extensive network of specialized professionals in these areas.
Step 5: Ongoing management, monitoring and review
 Todd will closely monitor the portfolio on an ongoing basis and recommend changes as warranted by changing economic conditions and personal circumstances. He conduct regular reviews and provide extensive reporting, including a monthly or quarterly account statement, quarterly portfolio review statement, annual tax package and online account access. To arrange an initial discussion or a complimentary review of your existing portfolio, contact Todd today [mailto: todd.sparks@rbc.com].
To arrange an initial discussion or a complimentary review of your existing portfolio, contact Todd today