The freedom to live the life you want

As you enjoy greater success in life, your financial affairs will invariably become more complex and demand more of your time – time that you would prefer to devote to your other interests and responsibilities. To help you delegate the management of your financial affairs with confidence, Bob Cormier is pleased to offer professional discretionary portfolio management as part of RBC Dominion Securities' Private Investment Management program.

Discretionary portfolio management is ideally suited for:

  • Individuals with investable assets of over $500,000
  • Entrepreneurs, professionals and executives
  • Retired individuals who travel or would rather dedicate time to other interests and pursuits
  • Individuals responsible for family investments
  • Corporations
  • Not-for-profit organizations, foundations and endowments

We are committed to working with you to meet your investment goals. With Private Investment Management you can be confident that your portfolio will be managed according to the highest standards. Working together with you, we will construct your portfolio to ensure that it suits your growth requirements, income needs and risk tolerance.

We’ll handle all the details on an ongoing basis, working within specific guidelines established in your Investment Policy Statement. Because your account will be managed on a discretionary basis, we are able to take advantage of investment opportunities quickly and efficiently because your approval is not required for every single transaction.


Only a select group of RBC Dominion Securities personnel are able to offer discretionary portfolio management services through Private Investment Management.

Before being registered as a Portfolio Manager, an Investment Advisor must have extensive experience advising clients and have substantial assets under their direct management. Only by meeting these standards and completing rigorous academic coursework, can an Investment Advisor become an accredited Portfolio Manager.

The framework for success

To ensure that your best interests are always acted upon, we follow a meticulous six-step process:

1. We create your investment policy
The first step is to draft your Investment Policy Statement – the document that serves as the mandate in our making day-to-day investment decisions for your portfolio.

Your Investment Policy Statement, created individually for you, takes into account your return expectations, income requirements, risk tolerance, time horizon, unique preferences and other factors.

Based on all these factors, we will recommend an ideal asset allocation model for your portfolio. How your portfolio is divided among the three main asset classes – cash, fixed income and equities – is the most important factor in determining the balance between managing risk and providing higher returns.

2. Construct your portfolio
Based on your ideal asset allocation model, we will select an appropriate combination of investments for your portfolio. In selecting your investments we combine an understanding of the "big picture" overall global economic and market trends with fundamental research of individual opportunities. Senior economists, portfolio strategists and research analysts from various parts of RBC augment our insights in these key areas.

3. Manage your portfolio
Market and economic conditions change. Your personal situation and goals will also change. As a result, it is essential to make appropriate adjustments to your portfolio.

We will make day-to-day investment decisions on your behalf to respond to and anticipate the changing markets and economic landscape. If the outlook for a certain sector of the economy brightens, we may increase your holdings in that sector. Similarly, if the outlook for a region of the world improves, your portfolio will be adjusted accordingly within the guidelines established in your Investment Policy Statement.

4. Third-party review and monitoring
Your portfolio is constantly monitored by the RBC Investments Portfolio Implementation and Risk Monitoring Desk. This independent group ensures your portfolio is managed according to the terms of your Investment Policy Statement as well as the fundamental investment management guidelines established by Private Investment Management.

5. Adjusting your investment strategy
We will meet with you on a regular basis to review your portfolio and get an update on your personal and financial situation. Your goals are likely to change over time and your Investment Policy Statement and portfolio need to reflect these changes.

6. Keeping you informed of your progress
You will receive a monthly account statement that details the activity in your portfolio and provides the current market value of all your positions. In addition, you can receive a quarterly rate of return calculation. You will also have access to your accounts and timely market information through our online services. Of course, we are always available to respond to your questions.