We have helped Canadian investors achieve their financial goals since 1901.

A Sound Investment Philosophy

The starting point for achieving your investment goals is a personalized plan. No matter how simple or complex your needs, we can create a plan tailor-made for you.

Several important factors will be considered in the creation of your plan:

  • Your personal financial goals
  • How long you have to invest
  • Your attitudes toward risk

Based on this, we will recommend guidelines for making investment decisions, including security selection and asset mix criteria. Over time, your plan will evolve to keep pace with your changing needs and will be adjusted to reflect current market conditions.

Investment process

To provide wealth and investment management, we follow a disciplined five-step process to keep you on track to achieving your goals. A disciplined process keeps everyone focused on what’s important – helping you live life the way you want to live it.

Step one – Introduction

We will introduce you to the wealth management services we provide, not just during your first meeting, but on an ongoing basis as your needs evolve and new services become available.

Step two – Discovery

Together, we will gain a deeper understanding of your individual needs, goals and circumstances to help you achieve your financial objectives. This includes gathering together all your important financial information.

Step three – Strategy

Next, your financial and personal information is analyzed to match your objectives with smart, time-tested strategies.

Step four – Solutions

Thoughtful and creative solutions tailored to your objectives are then developed drawing from a wide selection of world-class products and services.

Step five – Review

Your situation is then regularly reviewed to ensure your financial objectives are being met in light of your changing needs. The result will provide you with a:

  • Clear roadmap for the future to help you realize financial security at each stage of your life
  • Portfolio custom-tailored to meet your investment objectives while recognizing your willingness to accept risk
  • Process flexible enough to respond to changes in your objectives but disciplined enough to maximize your financial returns

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