As part of RBC Dominion Securities, The Madill Investment Team provides a full range of wealth management services to high-net-worth individuals and organizations. In many cases, these clients require sophisticated and sometimes very complex services, including:

  • Discretionary investment management

  • International manager search and selection

  • Comprehensive strategic financial planning

  • Domestic and international insurance solutions

  • Equity monetization and recovery strategies

  • Tax planning

  • Estate planning

  • Creditor proofing

  • Trusts (domestic and international/offshore)

  • Global Private Banking

  • International business banking

  • International corporate finance

The Madill Investment Team manages a wide range of accounts – including fixed-income, equity and balanced portfolios. We have immediate access to the vast resources of RBC Financial Group, including highly sophisticated research provided by an international team of skilled financial experts, research analysts, economists and investment tax analysts. With these resources at his disposal, we are able to follow a proven and very disciplined approach to security selection and liquidation within a pre-defined asset-allocation model that is unique for each client.

Moreover, asset allocation models need regular revision and review. As such, we place a strong emphasis on regular personal contact with each client and on the financial planning process in order to achieve multi-faceted goals: safeguarding client assets, reducing taxes and enhancing return potential. In addition, wherever appropriate, we make creative use of more sophisticated financial instruments to improve the calibre of your financial plan. 

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Wealth management involves much more than simply purchasing investments on your behalf. Indeed, investing is only one component of an overall wealth management process that encompasses tax planning, cash-flow analysis, insurance, retirement planning, estate planning as well as specialized needs such as education savings. 

The Madill Investment Team delivers a broad base of services that identifies and addresses all of these issues. Through careful analysis of your needs, we draw up a comprehensive strategic plan to implement specific recommendations. 


Private Investment Management

Private Investment Management is our premium level of discretionary wealth management, available to clients with portfolios in excess of $500,000. Private Investment Management offers a completely customized segregated portfolio, and a personal one-on-one relationship with a fully accredited Portfolio Manager who will handle all of your investment needs.




Financial management is an ongoing process, not a one-time effort. It is a partnership of trust between you and us, who works for their mutual benefit. For this reason, our team manages fee-based accounts for our clients.

In a fee-based account, the client is not charged for each individual transaction. Rather, a modest fee is charged at pre-set intervals, based on the total value of the portfolio. Clients need not be concerned with the cost of day-to-day transactions, and know we are working hard to preserve and grow their assets.