Your unique financial situation requires personalized advice. We work with professionals within RBC Wealth Management Services to help meet your goals and uncover opportunities for you. Some examples of the situations in which we can help include:

  • Business owners who need help managing their personal, holding company and business financial assets

  • Professionals requiring assistance in structuring their affairs to both safeguard assets and minimize taxes

  • Successful executives looking to grow and protect their wealth

  • Individuals looking to balance their current needs with a savings strategy that will help them achieve their long-term financial goals

  • Retirees requiring strategies that will maximize their income after taxes while preserving their capital for the long-term

  • Families looking to efficiently transfer accumulated wealth to the next generation

  • Parents and grandparents looking to fund the educational and living costs of their offspring in a tax efficient manner

  • Business owners looking to tax-effectively transition their businesses

  • Charitably inclined individuals who are looking for their donations to provide maximum long-term benefit and value

  • Individuals with U.S. and international connections requiring specialized tax and estate planning assistance


In addition to these wealth management services, we also offer the following Educational Guides:

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» RBC Dominion Securities Retirement Checklist view details

» Family Inventory Checklist view details

» Settling an Estate view details

» Estate Planning Guide view details

» Tax Planning Guide view details