Achieve financial freedom with professional wealth management…

Wealth management can be about many things: retirement planning, a milestone purchase, funding a new business venture, the transfer of wealth, legacy creation but above all else having the confidence in knowing you can achieve your financial goals with the right advice and a well thought out plan.

In this journey to financial comfort, managing wealth is never a straight line. The ongoing material changes in your life such as market risk, time frames for using your savings and even the birth of a grandchild requires your plan to be adjusted accordingly. Our team is here to help you navigate these ongoing changes and manage the details of your wealth management allowing you to enjoy it.

We can help you and your family;

  •          Develop a comprehensive plan for your short term and long term goals.
  •          Implement retirement income strategies.
  •          Maximize tax planning to minimize tax payments.
  •          Protect your financial legacy with insurance solutions.
  •          Build a legacy and enrich the lives of others with charitable giving.
  •          Help you plan your estate with Will /POA’s reviews.

With a collaborative, value based approach, you can expect your RBC Wealth Management team to help you realize your life vision.

Steve McInnis, FCSI

Senior Portfolio Manager


Debbie Berardi, B. Admin


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