At The Lester Wealth Management Group, we believe in rigorous process management. The detailed questions we ask, and the careful conclusions and directions we draw, constitute the basis of the planned, on-going and flexible strategy we develop for you.

Pathway To Prosperity is a detailed roadmap. That roadmap encompasses eight (8) investigative and executional steps that guide the development of a total wealth management strategy for you.

  1. Discovery: We listen and develop an understanding of your goals, personal and financial.
  2. Financial Planning: We prepare an analysis of your total financial situation.
  3. Will & Estate Review: We help you address your estate planning concerns and goals.
  4. Insurance Analysis: We help you protect what you have worked hard to build.
  5. Investment Policy Statement (IPS): This is the blueprint for your investment strategy.
  6. Investment Proposal: This is your recommended investment plan, approved by you.
  7. Ongoing Services: We track portfolio performance and give you timely updates.
  8. Regular Reviews: As your needs and markets evolve, we adjust your plan accordingly.

Your Pathway To Prosperity leads to your personal wealth management solution that is exhaustive in its analysis and assessment of your entire financial and personal planning opportunities.

All aspects of your Plan are constantly under our care and review. Whether its portfolio performance or tax planning, we regularly review all potential opportunities for you. Your entire wealth management plan, including your portfolio and its performance, is reviewed with you regularly. Any changes necessary to keep your plan on track are discussed.

Transparency is the hallmark of our process and is part of our commitment to you. You will receive detailed account statements, portfolio review statements, transaction updates, and tax reports. As part of your personal communication program, your Pathway To Prosperity includes an exhaustive and rigorous periodic review of your wealth management plan to ensure that we are meeting your immediate, mid-range and long-term expectations and needs.

Our Wealth For Life strategies and processes have delivered significant benefits to many clients since the founding of The Lester Wealth Management Group in 1996. Because our unique processes are focused on your personal needs, objectives and risk tolerance, clients enjoying success with us are diverse and include:

  • Individuals & Families
  • Professionals, Executives & Business Owners
  • Estates, Trusts & Charitable Organizations

New Clients

While we generally advise high net worth clients with considerable resources, investable asset size is just one of the many relevant factors involved when we contemplate entering into a new relationship. What is essential to us is our confidence that we can build a client partnership offering a long-term wealth management opportunity and significant potential asset growth for you.

Enquiries Welcome

If you think you or someone you know can benefit from the success our unique Wealth For Life processes deliver, we encourage you to contact us.