RBC Wealth Management Dominion Securities is a wholly owned subsidiary of the RBC Royal Bank.  With over $264.7 billion in assets under management, we are Canada’s largest wealth management firm.

Private Investment Management (PIM), our discretionary program, is one of the fastest growing segments of RBC Dominion Securities.  The majority of Stephen Henderson’s clients’ assets are managed through Private Investment Management (PIM).

With discretionary management you turn over the day to day management of your investments so that you can be confident that your portfolio will be managed according to the highest standards.  We look after all the details of your investment portfolio on an ongoing basis, working within specific guidelines established in your Investment Policy Statement (IPS), and in accordance with RBC Dominion Securities’ fundamental portfolio guidelines.

As your personal portfolio manager, Steve can take advantage of investment opportunities quickly and efficiently because your approval is not required for every single transaction.  Robust investment management guidelines, checks and balances, and formal reviews ensure that your portfolio is managed to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. 

Only a select group of RBC Dominion Securities advisors are able to offer discretionary portfolio management services through PIM.  In order to be a registered Portfolio Manager an Investment Advisor must have extensive experience advising clients and substantial assets under their direct management, in addition to completion of the CIM or CFA designation, which have rigorous academic requirements.

Private Investment Management program expertise

Steve is backed by professional expertise of a team of research analysts, technical analysts, strategists, portfolio managers and economists from across the globe whose specializations range from equities and fixed income to currency and alternative assets.  In addition, we have access to third party research of JP Morgan, Standard & Poor’s, Veritas and Value line in addition to non-financial, socially responsible research from Sustainalytics.

Portfolio Risk Group

Adherence to your customized IPS is a top priority for the discretionary management of your portfolio and we have an independent Portfolio Risk Group that fulfills this to give you peace of mind.  This extensive team of professionals at head office provides program standards for portfolio composition, quality and risk level as well as third-party oversight to ensure alignment with your IPS and program standards.