Why we wrote these articles:

We wrote these articles because we thought it was important to explain some of our philosophies and processes in more detail. We hope you find these helpful and informative - Danielle and Brent

Our Socially Responsible Investing Process

Sudden Financial Liquidity - What Now?

Socially responsible investing options that don't require a sacrifice in financial returns exist. In our case, we have chosen to make environmental protection and preservation our primary focus.

Unless you've won the lottery, the gain usually happens as a result of a life-changing event such as selling your business, receiving an inheritance or reaching a divorce settlement. Over the years, we've developed a four-step process we use to help people prudently manage financial sums stemming from sudden liquidity events.

Worried About Running Out of Money in Retirement?

10 Tips for Cutting Through Overload and Stress

Many investors worry about outliving their retirement savings. And given today’s low interest rates, it’s a legitimate concern. Over several years, we've helped clients plan for and enjoy successful retirements, even in challenging circumstances. Here, we've identified six strategies that have proven particularly useful for maintaining sufficient retirement funds.

Overload and stress are the hallmarks of today's modern world. We have seen how people suffer from both financial and general life stress, so in response, we've developed ten tips for managing stress: five for financial stress and five for life stress. These tips help strip away the noise and distractions of everyday life to find the natural simplicity underneath.