1.      A customized financial plan


The length of the plan will vary by need but will involve the following:


v     An in-depth discussion to ensure that your goals, aspirations and objectives are clearly identified.

v     A projection of your financial situation (investment, retirement and estate) based on your current strategies and savings rate.

v     Recommendation of key investment, tax, estate and retirement planning strategies that are aligned with your goals.

v     A projection of your financial situation if the recommended strategies are implemented.

v     An action plan that summarizes the key recommendations and a clear guideline to monitor their implementation.


The purpose of the plan is to ensure that we exhaust all possibilities related to your financial situation and to identify potential strategies to enhance your wealth.


2.      An investment policy statement


This is a written set of guidelines that outlines how your investment portfolio will be managed through any kind of market condition. 


3.      A written statement of risk


Clients are exposed to a variety of risks and therefore I create a written statement which identifies which risks could derail your financial plan. 



4.   A tax review (if necessary)


      The vast majority of our clients are in the top marginal tax bracket and we are all concerned about the level of taxation we pay.  I will work with your accountant and assist with the implementation of appropriate strategies to reduce or defer taxation.  We also have tax experts on staff and I work with an external tax accountant who will do a complimentary consultation if required.


5.   An estate review (if necessary)


At the end of the day, clients either spend their money or give it away.  We make sure its done in a tax efficient way.  We have a will and estate planner on staff who will review your will and make sure your affairs are properly structured.


About RBC Dominion Securities


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