Portfolio Advisory - Tax Efficient Investing

Often overlooked, taxes can significantly impact your income and investment results, affecting the long-term values of your investment portfolios and estate. Let Sharon McCormick guide you through the various strategies that are available to you today!

Investing with Taxes in Mind

There are different kinds of investment income—and different tax rules for each. It's worthwhile to consider the kind of income you'll earn when you design an investment strategy outside a registered plan.

Investment income breaks down into four basic categories:

  • Dividends
  • Capital Gains
  • Interest
  • Return of Capital

Your investment decisions should be based on your risk tolerance and financial goals, not income tax goals alone. But you can make sure you take the tax treatment of your investments into consideration and take advantage of that knowledge. Let Sharon McCormick’s team of professionals help you gain that knowledge.

And don’t forget to ask about the Tax Free Savings Account! A new tax-smart way to save for your family’s future

With the new Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), you will be able to contribute up to $5,000 annually and earn tax-free investment income.

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