At Wagman and Associates Wealth Management, we strive to deliver professional results with a primary focus on our clients needs and goals. After a thorough analysis of personal objectives, a combined total wealth management plan, including a financial and investment step-by-step process, is created. Our goal is to develop a tailored approach to addressing your life goals, and to provide you with strategic and insightful solutions to your financial decisions.

Our Total Wealth Management Plan incorporates your financial, investment, insurance, and estate planning needs, emphasizing your unique situation and preferences. As life greets you with new surprises, we re-evaluate your plan to meet present circumstances and readjust any solutions to incorporate any additional requests.


Our Investing Perspective

Investing money should not be a gamble. We believe in full transparency in order to provide the best strategy available. Our team specializes in a variety of investment services for individuals, families, and businesses, delivering compelling equity returns while mitigating risk. 

When clients entrust us with their portfolio, we walk with them each step of the way while educating them on the proceedings and documentation necessary to persistently move forward. We value the needs and goals of each client, consistently providing them with effective investment planning solutions and the knowledge to balance their portfolio for every different stage of life.


Financial Planning

We do not know what the future may hold but we can prepare for unexpected situations. Our financial planning approach addresses various issues to develop a series of steps to accomplish your goals or set of circumstances. All clients will receive a report outlining recommendations for short and long-term scenarios.

In addition, our plan can assist in addressing the following questions:

  • How can I retire and maintain my desired lifestyle?
  • How can I decrease yearly tax payments?
  • How can you ensure a proper allocation of funds?
  • How can I ensure the financial well-being of my family in the case of my death?



We like to see insurance as protection planning, which involves a meticulous analysis of your current situation in order to determine any potential risks. By adding life insurance, a low-risk investment, into your overall wealth management plan, your income is efficiently relocated to the next generation, while preserving your overall capital.

With experience and professional insurance experts at our fingertips, we ensure impressive solutions for wealth protection and strategic methods to incorporate your individual and group life, health, living benefits, segregated funds, and additional products into your current wealth management plan.


Will & Estate Planning

Our consultants are ready to assist you if you do not have a will or if an update is necessary due to a recent change in your financial or personal situation. We will work with you to develop a more tax-efficient solution and will make sure your wishes are clearly reflected. Our primary focus is to look at your individual financial and family affairs and to make any needed changes to reflect your current circumstances.