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The Engineer's Portfolio

The Background

Dr. Yanguang Yuan, or YY, is an expert in the field of geoscience and engineering, and wanted to see the same level of detail and logic in his investment plan as he put into his work.

The Issue

YY had a number of goals for his portfolio, but he didn't have much time to manage it or track his progress. What he needed was not only a strong portfolio, but also a decision-making process that he could rely on to be consistent and accurate, in the same way he trusts the processes he uses every day.

The Solution

We set up a global ETF portfolio as well as 4 distinct quantitative models, each designed for different objectives for growth and income. With our annual fees and a discretionary management style, we could make as many transactions as necessary without YY having to incur additional costs or take the time to approve them each time.

After sitting down with YY to discuss the individual criteria for investment decisions, we implemented the investments that would put YY on track and the procedures that now save him the time and trouble of day-to-day portfolio management.

Engineering the Right Solution

You’ve found success through precision and it should be managed with the same commitment to consistency and detail.

With quantitative models, we can follow well-defined procedures for identifying investments, building your portfolio and making everyday management decisions. We work well with engineers because they can see and understand the logic behind their portfolios.

Our approach includes:

  • Advanced econometric and mathematical data valuation to identify suitable investments
  • Risk tolerance assessment and ongoing monitoring
  • Specialized models formulated around risk and growth levels
  • Historically-based research with proven track record of 30 years
  • Discretionary investment management for more efficient decision-making
  • Back-tested global ETF portfolios for low-cost, efficient investing