Your Will - The foundation of your estate plan

One thing is for sure – you can’t take it with you. So as long as you have to leave your assets behind, why not make sure they go where you’d like them to go? A Will gives you the power to do that. If you do nothing else about creating an estate plan, you should at the very least have a will. To learn more about wills and what they mean to you, visit our planning site here.

Your Estate Plan - The legacy you leave for your loved ones

You decide on the kind of legacy you leave. Your loved ones can be left to struggle with dozens of questions and legal issues and paying unnecessary taxes. Or you can create an estate plan that will ensure your assets are passed along with no problems and minimal taxes.

In appreciation of your valued business relationship with RBC Dominion Securities, your Investment Advisor is pleased to offer you a complimentary Will and Estate-planning consultation with Gregg Knudsen, our Will & Estate Consultant.

Gregg works closely with RBC Dominion Securities Investment Advisors to provide you with information on structuring your estate in an efficient and tax-effective manner.  Following your meeting, Gregg will provide you with a report outlining various estate planning issues for you to explore in further detail with your own lawyer or accountant.

Gregg Knudsen, BA, LLB, TEP
Will and Estate Consultant