What Makes Me Different


My team and I believe that achieving strong returns while protecting your capital is just the foundation of what you should expect from your advisor. We understand that many other things can keep you up at night. How much should I save every year for retirement? If something happens to me, will my family be taken care of? Am I missing out on any major tax savings? These are 3 key areas that my team and I focus on.


Who We Can Help

Our clients include:

  • Busy executives and professionals – Free up your time by accepting professional guidance when it comes to your finances.  
  • Business owners – Tax planning and professional management of personal and business assets. You focus on your business, we focus on you.
  • Pre-retirees – Goal-driven planning. What will I do when I retire? How much will that cost? How much should I save ever year to afford that lifestyle? I will help you quantify these goals.  
  • Retirees – How can you increase your after-tax income?
  • Individuals engaged in Estate Planning – How can I transfer my assets to my children and grandchildren in the most tax-efficient manner?
  • Philanthropists – Leave your legacy and let us help it grow.
  • Non-profit organizations – We can help manage investment assets according to your specific guidelines

GIC rates

Click here for the latest GIC rates in PDF format.

Tax-minimization strategies


Watch the following video to learn key strategies to help manage your tax burden.