Wealth Management Process

1. Your Vision

During this introductory session, we help you clearly articulate your personal and financial goals. Recognizing that money is just an enabler, we will take the time to understand why you are investing and what you personally hope to accomplish in life.

2. Planning & Strategy

Once we understand your vision, we begin planning your individual portfolio. We consider factors specific to your situation and needs, including your current investment holdings, tax considerations, risk tolerance, or income requirements. We also determine the optimal asset mix for your personal situation and future goals. Other key components include wealth protection, as well as Will, estate, insurance and succession planning.

3. Your Personal Plan

This comprehensive written document summarizes your vision, and provides a detailed "action plan" to achieve your investment objectives. We carefully review the plan with you in person to ensure you are comfortable with the strategies and recommendations.

4. Ongoing Management & Service

Your portfolio is monitored on an ongoing basis, to ensure it continues to meet your vision and specific investment objectives. We will schedule semi annual review meetings to ensure financial objectives are being met in light of changing needs, markets and economic cycles.

Your financial plan alongside an investment strategy, combine to form your overall wealth management plan.

Wealth management is a comprehensive approach to achieving your financial and life goals. It extends beyond investment advice and money management, encompassing lifestyle protection, retirement planning, intergenerational wealth transfer and legacy creation.

This process involves integrating your financial, investment, insurance, and estate planning needs into a comprehensive plan designed specifically for you. Having this plan reduces financial stress by providing clarity, giving you a roadmap for the future by addressing all financial aspects at each life stage.

It’s all about you.