Here at the Ron Harper Wealth Management Group, our wealth management process is guided by a disciplined philosophy that was created based on the brilliant investing principles of Nick Murray and the simple yet effective views of Warren Buffett.

There are six variables which we believe, if practised together, will often cause the long-term goal-focused investor to achieve investment outcomes that are supportive of his/her financial plan. These six variables include three values and three basic portfolio strategies…


1. We have faith in the future, history tells many compelling stories as to why this first belief is critical to successful investing. The resiliency of good businesses is evident throughout history and the benefits of owning not loaning.

2. The next is patience. When the pattern of history reasserts itself as it always has, we discover that the best policy would have been the dictum “If your goals haven't changed, don't change your plan; if your plan isn't changing, don't change the portfolio”. Never mind what's working now, try to stay focused on what's always worked in the long run.

3. The third and final temperamental quality is discipline. A disciplined approach to investing that is made up of a set of guidelines and tried and proven rules that are adhered to no matter what. This includes the ability to not do the wrong thing, most notably panicking out of the markets at a moment of maximum pessimism and avoiding the temptation to “bet the farm” after a big run up in the market. Stick to the “plan”.

Portfolio Strategies:

4. Asset allocation is simply the percentage of equities versus fixed income (bonds, GICs and cash) in your portfolio. This raw number will likely dictate your lifetime investment return.

5. Proper diversification within asset classes, industry sectors and geographic regions is very important in managing risk and delivering appropriate returns over ones investing lifetime.

6. Rebalancing to ensure proper asset mix that matches your financial plan is the third requirement in our overall portfolio strategy. Some rebalancing by money managers also occurs when industries and/or individual shares become overvalued.

“Discipline + Patience = Success”


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