Our Core Values

Here are a few things you need to know about our core values and beliefs when it comes to managing money.

  • Trust: A firm believer that a successful wealth management relationship requires trust, communication and accountability

  • Disciplined: A long-term approach that removes emotion and guesswork from the investment process

  • Asset allocation: Aligning your portfolio’s strategic asset allocation to continuously reflect your time horizon and risk tolerance, in combination with the most current thinking of the RBC Investment Strategy Committee

  • Framework: Engineering a highly customized, tax-efficient, globally diversified, multi-asset class portfolio

  • Stability: We believe in the long-term value of owning well run companies that deliver consistent cash flow

  • Financial Independence: Preserving your purchasing power is of utmost importance

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Roman's Second Opinion

If you already have a financial advisor and are not sure if he/she is doing a good job for you, schedule a free second opinion review with us. We are happy to explore with you whether we can add substantial value.