Our personal wealth management process brings discipline and structure to clients whose financial lives are fragmented across several institutions and investment managers, who have complex needs for their wealth (intergenerational wealth transfer, business succession planning, etc.) and have direction for their financial wealth through our  financial roadmap.

Our services are designed for business owners, senior executives & professionals, retirees, and well established families who require professional assistance managing their wealth.

Our approach to serve you better

Services we provide

At the centre of your wealth is your lifestyle. Our wealth solutions are designed to protect it from time-consuming complexities.

Whether you wish to plan for a sustainable retirement or a business succession, we will provide the specialist, blueprint and resources to do it. Not only do we have in-house experts and professional partners, we are dedicated to bringing all your solutions under one roof. So for any questions concerning your wealth, you will have only one call to make.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services is the cornerstone of how we work with our clients.

We offer advice and strategies across the broad spectrum of financial services, so you will have a single headquarters for all of your wealth. Our suite of personal services include:

  • Investment Advisory Services including Discretionary account management using Unified Managed Accounts
  • Income Tax Planning & Compliance Services
  • Risk Management & Insurance Services
  • Estate & Trust Planning
  • Philanthropy Planning
  • Expense Management & Financial Reporting
  • Sophisticated investment strategies
  • Family trust accounts, Charitable gift accounts, Spousal loan strategies and Individual Pension Plans
  • Group RRSP and Group Benefits through our specialists

Unbiased service

Our unique position as a wealth management services firm allows us to deliver the best advice without conflicts of interest arising from financial product sales. Our investment recommendations come from a wide variety of expert opinions, including: Research Analysts, Fixed-Income Specialists and Investment Consultants.

Investment Solutions

Free from pressure to select internal products, and with the latitude to act solely in the best interests of our clients, we have zero conflicts of interest in our decision making process. Operating on a transparent fee based compensation model, means we will never trade unnecessarily in your account and also allows us to not defer a movement needed in your portfolio due to a potential commission that could be incurred. Again it allows us complete flexibility to manage investment portfolios for result orientated objectives.

We take pride in our selection process for our 3rd party managers and research lists we choose to use in the development of investment portfolios. A manager is evaluated not merely against their benchmarks and peers, but in the context of their utility to our client portfolios. We invest with managers that have proven themselves adept at running their strategies and businesses over time.

Our four rules to approach manager selection


Individual Insurance Solutions

You deserve a personalized solution. Insurance strategies can preserve your wealth, protect the value of your estate and maximize what you pass on to your loved ones. First, however, you must discover your particular needs. We don’t believe in one-size-fit-all solutions. To build a successful protection strategy, we need to measure your need in tangible ways. Once we understand your lifestyle, family situation and financial goals, we will help you to create opportunities with a personalized insurance solution. We will only work with the highest risk rated insurance companies to ensure their strategies when implemented will be in place when needed.