As one of the top advisors at Canada's leading wealth management firm, Investment Advisor Richard Solomon has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to manage wealth successfully.

The Solomon Wealth Management Group focuses on three key principles to help you manage your wealth and financial opportunities:

  1. Manage and reduce risk. Richard will work to reduce the risk of inflation and market volatility, as well as manage the risks to your lifestyle through long-term care protection and personal protection in the event of marital status changes
  2. Protect wealth. Richard focuses on preserving your wealth to ensure it is there as a legacy for family, charity or your business.
  3. Tax minimization. Richard seeks tax-advantaged solutions to achieve the primary investment objectives.

Comprehensive wealth management solutions

To determine the right solutions for your situation, Richard has access to a full suite of wealth management services and solutions, and will work with you to build a comprehensive wealth management plan.