Increasingly Complex Situations Demand Carefully Crafted Solutions

Our services are designed for clients who have reached the stage where their financial affairs have become increasingly complex and they require professional assistance managing their financial assets. Our clients include individuals who are:

  • Approaching retirement, or already retired, and need to create or update their financial plan to help clarify their retirement lifestyle needs, determine exactly when they can retire, project their expected retirement income and implement strategies to optimize their savings until, or during, retirement.
  • Preparing to sell business assets and need advice on how to convert these assets into a well-funded retirement and equitable estate for their beneficiaries
  • Updating their Will or overall estate plan and could benefit from tax-efficient investment strategies to help transfer greater wealth to the next generation or create a more enduring charitable legacy
  • Going through a separation or divorce and would prefer to work with their own advisor to establish financial independence
  • Living in the United States for an extended period of time and needing assistance with cross-border financial, investment and tax considerations
  • Planning an extended trip abroad and needing a professional advisor to oversee their financial affairs while they are away
  • Receiving a large windfall, perhaps from an inheritance, signing bonus, sale of a large asset, or lottery winnings and need professional wealth management to cope with sudden wealth
  • Dissatisfied or unsure about the financial advice they are currently receiving and interested in a professional second opinion on their portfolio