"The last thing anyone wants to do is to switch banks; most banks will count on you NOT switching! However, when your Portfolio Manager and his new team are as excellent as Richard, and your current bank is as uncaring and uncommunicative as possible, then you start to think differently.  If you add to this that RBC has a transition team available to do most of the switching, then the change becomes very possible, and we are very glad that we did it.  We are also very pelased with how Richard and his team are taking care of our portfolio, and how RBC and Dominion Securities are genuinely interested in having us as customers."

- Prof. James R. McKay


"Just a word of thanks for encouraging us in "stopping the bleeding."  It seemed scary at the time, but it has proved to be a good thing.  I am so glad we did not go with a wait and see approach.  We have full confidence in your expertise, and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship."

-Henry & Anne


"We know that relationships are key to a successful business because we are small business owners.  We value the relationship we have with Richard and trust his financial acumen.  As a result, when Richard changed financial institutions we did not hesitate to follow because we wanted tocontinue with the sound strategy decisions Ricahrd applies to our financial portfolio.  Quite simply, we know that our portfolio is being well managed during all types of economic cycles.  Richard and the administrative team at RBC looked after all of the details of the transition.  We continue to receive regular reports about our portfolio and know we can contact Richard at any time.  We are confident with our decision to move to RBC and follow Richard's expertise!"

- Barb and Alan


"I feel that I am in a place of entrepreneurial business that is focused on being successful for their clients.  I see a group of strong team players working with all RBC departments and expertise that is willing to go against the norm to succeed for their clients.  With my former investors I often felt that "Toronto Experts" are running the show with rules and policies that were not always in favour of the client.

I was very impressed with the tax, estate, and financial planning support staff that you introduced to us working with RBC.  As you know I have had some problems with the support staff, or lack there of at our former investment advisors and I am looking forward to making use of all the services offered by RBC.  Both you and Kristine have been very professional and understanding in helping us through the transition of moving our portfolio making it stress free, fast, and efficient.  Kristine was fantastic through this period and was always available to answer our issues and concerns.  She is a great addition to the RBC team and we enjoy working with her very much.  I know that I am not the only one who made the right decision to move to RBC."

- Phill Comrie


"What convinced us to join Richard and Ray's team was the flexibility of their investment program and their honest and well-considered advice.  They are not afraid of divesting of investments that aren't working.  We were tired of working with investment firms that simply dropped our money into various pre-set investment formulas hoping for the best.  While we do not expect perfection, we do expect our investment person to take advantage of market opportunities and, most importantly, to protect our money.  With prior money managers we consistently saw our profits evaporate.  Richard and Ray's regular contact and access to timely information made our decision easier."

- Frank and Martha Berze