Our Investment Management Strategies

We offer the following types of Investment Management Options: Private Investment Management or Advisory Management in order to customize your portfolio to your specific needs and preferences. 

Private Investment Management 


Advisory Management 

This is the premium level of investment service, freeing you from the day-to-day details of managing your wealth. Because your approval is not required for every transaction, we are able to take advantage of investment opportunities quickly and efficiently.
You will receive a customized investment portfolio that reflects your investment needs throughout the various stages of your life.  Rich will work within your specific guidelines established by your personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which we regularly review with you and adjust according to your needs. We also work with our RBC independent risk management group to review your portfolio, on a quarterly basis, to ensure it meets the high standards set out in your Investment Policy Statement.
Portfolio Investment Management could be ideal if you:
  • Desire superior, personalized service and direct access to your Portfolio Manager
  • Want freedom from making daily investment decisions.
  • Seek a disciplined approach to professional Wealth Management.
Key Features and Benefits:
  • You can delegate responsibility for day-to-day investment decisions to a personal porfolio manager
  • You maintain direct access to your portfolio manager and develop a personal relationship, giving you the opportunity to discuss your needs one-on-one
  • You have the highest credentials at your service - only select investment advisors can offer you this type of investment management and must posess advanced investment credentials and extensive experience to do so
Uses a disciplined guided portfolio approach. You decide how much involvement you want in the investment process. Whether you want to make all decisions, simply approve Rich's recommendations or somewhere in between, the choice is yours. You also appreciate the merits of using an investment approach with a proven track record. We use a flexible yet disciplined long-term approach to investing.
In an Advisory relationship, you will receive one-on-one advice to help you plan, design and implement your investment strategy. Rich will actively recommend investments, provide advice as well as implement your ideas into action on a timely basis.
Advisory Management could be ideal if you:
  • Want advice and support from your investment advisor, while still being in control of your investment decisions
  • Desire a flexible yet disciplined long-term approach to investing
  • Want to know your fees in advance in order to plan ahead
Key Features and Benefits:
  • Invest in our top-ranked stocks from various sectors of the economy.
  • Benefit from sector weightings based on our most current investment outlook.
  • Remove the guesswork and emotion from buying and selling individual equities.
  • Enjoy a highly disciplined approach to equity investing following the proven RBC investment strategy process that guides your decisions to buy or sell individual equities.
  • Enjoy guidance with all your investment decisions, while retaining final decision-making authority.