Provide Customized Wealth Management Advice

Do you have a comprehensive plan that will take you where you want to go?

Without a strategy, without a roadmap in place before capital is committed, an investor is asking for trouble. Financial markets are dangerous places for the unprepared.

It is remarkable how many people who have achieved tremendous success in their lives and their careers, achievements that are usually based on substantial homework, planning, and hard work. However, they do not give themselves the relatively small amount of time to put a sound financial strategy in place.

The good news is that with a little time upfront and the services of a fee-only professional, even the very busy entrepreneur, manager, or professional can create and implement a wealth management program. The even better news is that a well-designed program with periodic reviews is durable and imposes very limited burdens on the client.

Quality Investments, Conservative Thinking

Our objective is to deliver a balanced combination of investment, financial, tax, will, estate and retirement planning to every client we advise. That is how we can help you build and protect your wealth and achieve your life goals. We believe:

  • Owning Quality Equities Creates Tax Efficient Wealth – Outstanding investment results can be achieved though intelligent investment in a selection of quality businesses purchased at reasonable prices.
  • Discipline Is What All Successful Investors Share – Many decisions we make on a daily basis are driven by emotion. But when it comes to making decisions about your investments, emotions can be counterproductive. We stick to our proven investment approach and we avoid jumping on the latest investment fads. We believe that the best bargains are to be had when no one else wants something. Conversely, we believe that the best sales are to be made when everybody loves something. It’s a common sense strategy really – but one that’s often ignored in the over-hyped markets of today.
  • Patient Investing – Weathering market upheaval is part of successful wealth management. Unreasonable pessimism in the market creates opportunity. The ability to outlast such undue pessimism makes for investment success. A dollar unable to stay in a marketable security for a good number of years does not belong there in the first place.
  • Thoughtful Diversification – The most important key to long term investment success is to build an investment portfolio, not just a random selection of "hot" stocks or funds.