Our Unique ProcessA lot of people ask what makes our approach to investing so different from everyone else's.  Good question.  Here's a short list of some of the key philosophies that guide our business.  We call them our "unique process".Discretionary Management - Private Investment ManagementAs the first and only licensed discretionary Portfolio Managers in the Regina office of RBC Dominion Securities, we can provide complete portfolio management services for clients that do not want to worry about making day to day investment decisions themselves.  We do this under the Private Investment Program at RBC Dominion Securities.Private Investment Management is an organization within the larger firm of RBC Dominion Securities, managing over $11 billion of private client assets on a personal discretionary basis through accredited Portfolio Managers since 1999.  We are part of a group representing less than 20% of all of RBC Dominion Securities Investment Advisors who meet the qualifications for this program to become accredited Portfolio Managers.  This elite and prestigious service is focused solely on the management of portfolios on a discretionary basis.  The focus of this business is managing portfolios of individual securities rather than placing clients in products such as pooled funds.Private Investment Management provides a total portfolio management solution that maximizes performance, convenience and piece-of-mind. - Frees you from day-to-day details of managing wealth so you can focus on your interests - Provides a high level of customization in your portfolio, developed to meet your investment needs (personalized investment policy statement, asset allocation, restrictions, constraints, tax considerations) - Gives you direct access to the portfolio managers with accountability for decision-making and performance for your investment portfolio - Includes control from third party Portfolio Risk Group that has oversight of your portfolio and portfolio manager to ensure your investments stay on track with your goals, objectives and constraintsYour portolio is constructed and managed to your specifications. - Personalized and tailored to your needs - Focused on after-tax returns - Losses and gains can be taken strategically - can work with you and your tax advisor to plan and manage tax liablilityInvestment Management ProcessWe take a business-like approach to managing your portfolio. - We create a business plan detailing how the business will be run (our Investment Policy Statement governs the management of the portfolio and our Investment Quality Guidelines ensure your portfolio is constructed with quality investments) - We set objectives and standards for the management of the business (Private Investment Management provides broad investment management guidelines for us to follow in designing your portfolio) - You and we decide how we will measure performance of the business and how to determine our success (we work with you to determine how we will assess the results of the porfolio) - We utilize a team of researchers, risk managers, traders, and strategists that support us: nine equity portfolio advisors and three fixed income portfolio advisors - We have reporting, technology and process to support the day-to-day management of the business - We have the proper controls in place to make sure the business stays on track and does not take unnecessary risks (Portfolio Risk Group)Our investment policy statement process will allow us to work with you to determine your optimal investment solution. - We will work with you and your advisors (accountant, etc.) to develop a detailed investment strategy - our focus will be on listening to you to determine your goals, objectives and constraints - We will take the knowledge from our meetings and then apply our expertise to identify the best solution for you - The resulting strategy as well as guidelines, constraints and allocation of your portfolio among various asset groups will be documented in your investment policy statement - this will become the charter for managing your portfolioOur portfolio management process is a disciplined, ongoing cycle that ensures we have your goals, objectives and constraints at top of mind.